minnesota_chris My last experience with bees was last summer, I was helping a friend paint his house. I was the only one willing to hang over the edge of the roof and paint a certain part, so I was sitting on the roof, on a hot spring day.

And everywhere there were these bees! Or possibly hornets. The kind that wander around parks looking for pop, like human children.

Anyways, it was hot, I was sitting on the roof, and these bees kept landing on my legs and feet. There wasn't a lot I could do about it (you don't want to swat something with a stinger on its butt). They didn't sting me, though. Then I realized, they were drinking the sweat off my legs!
mungojelly I used to go out in the blackberry patch behind our old apartment, & I would watch the hornets drinking blackberry juice-- poking open the little round pouches & drinking them one by one. I enjoyed feeling like I was sharing with those alien beings I once was so scared of-- we have something in common, after all. 040323
marjorie bzzzzzzz.
There are big fuzzy bees out at the house I'm moving to.
They zip around all over the backyard while I look for golfballs hit out into the tall grasses and blackberry bushes.
Scully got stung by a bee once.
Damn near killed her.
In_Bloom He told me when he sees them now, he wistfully thinks of me 081011
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