Q Sharing

Honest rose heart and honest steel mind,
En suite, in one warm body or two,
Always wanting to be intertwined,
To say together clearly what's true.

Copr. 2000
Daniel sharing is caring, if you're into that sort of thing...
thank you all for sharing...
it shows we all are caring...
fear no one...share share share
lady lunchbox he's starting to warm up to the idea. he practically lives with me now, and we've started sharing the half-gallon of milk.

speaking of, it's my turn to buy.
unhinged your mother really should have taught you that
women aren't possessions
and people need time alone with their friends
but you win
you can keep my bach_goddess
all to yourself
i know i could only admire from
blown cherry Your happiness lifts my soul,
your sorrow bring me pain.

I've been noticing it for months.
Norma Jean sharing is not all it is cracked up to be. 030724
elisabeth42 Basic connection.
As in:
~"I'm miserable, you're miserable, but at least we share the feeling of misery."
~"We share existance."
~"Let's share this cheese sandwich."

It says, "You're not alone." It brings every atom together.
djstar sharing and caring makes the world go round. that's what my care bears sleeping bag said, at least... 060404
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