djdown better than candy, but a little more expensive 980826
Caine Would a nose by any other name smell a steak? 980923
caty O rose... thou art steak.. er I mean sick!
William Blake you know was pretty good with words.
ceorl dear rose 990423
daxle It's hard to be a punk with a name like alyssa rose. 990501
gaudior "Just remember in the winter, beneath the bitter snows Lies the seed that with the sun's love, in the spring, becomes a rose."

The angry pick it, and are stabbed with its thorns.

The jealous pick it, and are outshone.

The heartless pick it, but it wilts from their touch.

The peaceful pick it. The loving, the caring, the kind, the beautiful in spirit pick it. And replanted again and again, it flourishes into a beautiful garden. And yet no one is ever pricked by a thorn, no flower ever wilts, and none of the roses are ever as beautiful as those who tend to them.
c-bear IF I could onlly use one to describe myself...ROSE would be the one 000216
amy roses are kind of hard to fathom. they're so red. really. 000308
Leon is love is
endless without boundery
I love thee oh, my pure inspiration
tryumph over matter
do not despare,
I will always be here.
kim one night when i stayed up after the sunrise, i thought i saw a rose in my bouncy ball

but it wasn't really there
Lucien So beatiful and wonderful, so full of hate for me.... 010117
twiggie jessica rose
.i like the middle name, not the first.
silentbob i might meet jessica rose in 9 days
twiggie rowr! 010117
KKF. A Rose is just llike a relationship, both need the right foundation, effort, comitment and time to grow, flourish and become beautiful.

Yet both bare thorns,the question is how do you enjoy their beauty without bleeding.
The Lionhearted Unfair barrage of emotions. Lively and deadly, all mixed into one. 010301
dB That's that chick from that movie. They had this big as boat, only it sank, and lots of people drowned, including that lead actor guy, but unfortunately he came back and made more movies. 010301
bijou he had a rose in his hand and no one to give it to. i think that is his problem. 010530
god rosacean encampments along the diseased river of tibbs murmur violently about the others. 020306
Syrope my middle name...and my favorite flower 020307
freakizh rose tints my world, keeps me safe
from my trouble and pain!

see rhps.
Rosieglow Rose.
It is me
Rosie glow
Rose bush
A rose between two thorns
A million alternatives
But only one true Rose
Shallow Depths Rose

This is the song of flowers.
Sing me a rose.
They dance as a lily
And cry as a snowdrop
And sing as a rose.
Give me a rose and you give me a song.
I do not understand the riddle
But neither do you.
The key is attainable.

You are not.
This song is not for me,
It is for your watcher.
He watches,
You do not know he breathes,
But you breathe the notes
And I smell them.

Deep as the white blood
That runs in your craving veins
Crazed with a desire to sing
And shower the world with flowers
They will hear your song.

I sit here, hearing you still.
Your rose breathes the thinning water
You are here
And I am with you.
Swim with me in your song
The river is a channel of petals
Soaring in the melody
I love you.
endless desire quotes best band ever +third eye blind+

I miss laying on the concrete floors
I miss the way it was before
No one even knew me
Your eyes look right through me
And I'm taking off your clothes
And you bloom like a rose

((Can't get away from you
I can't get away from you))
endless desire see: third_eye_blind 030602
once again The single rose is lovelier
Then one among a pair
A single rose more wanted
And being single thought more fair
So be not trapped by briers
And be not plucked in vain
For a single rose untouched
Causes you less pain
nomatter beautiful 031003
TearsofBlood A rose is the symbol of love. A rose is what torments me. A rose shows me what I'll never have and what i long for the most. So in the end a rose will only make my heart bleed. 031126
scorpion heart it is beauty, intelligence, power, and feminitity. soft, yet somehow dangerous, beckoning, deep reds alluring, sharp pointy nubs climbing up its graceful stem. 040101
crimson withered 040326
djStar Rose, oh pure contradiction, desire, To be no one's sleep under so many Lids. - On Rilke's epitaph

djStar strangers in an airport
same shoes as mine
tall glass of beer
feeling high and wild
the flowers in california never die
if she's a Rose,
then our love will fly
to greater heights.
applegirl rose up without knowing it
her roses are dying
a little
but she hates it a lot
and she hangs them like
carcasses on her walls...
she is blushed
like a rose
when he comes inside her
she is like a rose
inside her
the air smelled of roses
after her rose her up
off the mattress
she was free as wild roses
being bloomed
his hands made her blossom
no roses reason why is this everyone's middle name? 050122
Sirius I want to be kissed my a rose..but i am afraid of it´s thorns 050513
djstar crystal rose
rock hard
soft petal

*a perfect middle name*

the paradox of a rose,
beyond the obvious cliche,
a riddle to question,
but never to answer
Juliet The trick is lots of water, compost and mulch. 061114
birdmad (a_perfect_circle)

the beast
the temperamental
the snail
while he's feeding on the rose
i will
i am

the wind
i'm treading so soft
and lightly
my will
i am

i am
i will
so no longer
will i
lay down
play dead
play your
doe in the headlights
locked down and terrified
deer in the headlights
shot down and horrified
when push comes
to pull
comes to shove
comes to step around
this self destructive dance
that never would've ended
till i rose
i roared
i will
i am

i am
i will
so no longer
will i
lay down
play dead
play this
beat down
gun shy
i rose
i roared
i will
i am.
ever dumbening in a moment of blissed optimism a proposed alternative crop (for the oil) to poppies (for the opium) in afghanistan. 061114
hsg rose_oil has a frequency of 320 hz -the highest vibration of all foods. 070822

Smell the happy alkalinity!
silentbob You left a bag of dirty laundry at my house, with the intention of coming back for it, but forty below windchill rerouted your entire trip and you were stranded at an airport in canada for over 24hours.

I washed it for you and found your pair of red panties that you wore the first night, and I thought you must have worn them with expectations that never came to fruition. (but maybe that's just in my head)

You will receive a package in Rimouski containing a bag of clean laundry, some peppermint tea, a mix_cd and a bag of peanut butter m&m's. Thanks for staying.
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