jennifer just try... once for me 000228
andrea i see your question
it sounds so sad
inside of my mind
and i want to know
to find out just
who it is you're
pleading with
tell me, please

copyright 2000
jennifer I am pleading with you.
but as is so often the case
my pleas have turned into whines
and vicious has scared away again
meggie sometimes the most you put in to something is only what you want to, and when you put in the most of your effort, you end up feeling naughty. atleast i do anyway 000304
oh pee um of which there is none. 010504
paste! there is glue everywhere. 010505
me~ nothing is worth the effor u put in! 010618
In_Bloom "fear is the mind killer, the little death..."

Old goober book excerpt that makes such good sense and how delicious is life when I'm able to follow some good sense!

It's worth it.
what's it to you?
who go