vicious vicious is the collective unconsious of all people
she is evil
and unforgiving

she is also frightened
and weak-willed

she just wants to be understood and heard, but she doesn't know how to make the words sound right

she wants to be loved, above all, and accepted and appreciated

but she is evil
and unforgiving
deb she is depressed and lonely
and unsure of her regal self
i only wish she could listen
when we tell her how she shines

she lives in worlds of blackness
clashing into white
tim burton's world
danny elfman too
she loves them so~

smile pretty, for yourself
not the camera over there
and give me the razorblades
johnny rotten sidney? SIDNEY? where are you? sidney? why did you leave me sidney? 000601
CheapVodka when i hear this word i get a mental picture of a dog ripping apart various items... is that bad? 011102
curious is she (theUnconsious) hopeless? 020524
BiZzY the man who makes my soul complete 030924
Fierce One name: Sid Vicious.

(Sex Pistols - represent)
thes When I think of humanity, it gives me hope that there are people who will oppose viciousness. I'm not really one of those people, but I pretend to be sometimes. 081230
misstree I dare you.
I really do.
what's it to you?
who go