Brad I really really need something else to think about. 000621
grendel testify, brother 000621
Dr. Hez The beam of light at the end of the tunnel. 010524
melissah lying down, strewn across your bed
staring at the ceiling
your beloved moving away in 5 days
didnt get to fuck
a bit pissed
a bit hopeless
does my life have a purpose?
Oak Barrel often i wonder,
is it hopeless?
I wish someone could tell me
if what once was love
has now turned into hate.
silentbob hahahahhahah 020814
never is always lack of something better to screw with. I climb inside my pupttier's head and watched as he burnt everything from within. It is indeed our end of the string that controls us. I tugged the string on the left and my pupetier began to weep. 030605
delial read this someplace;

"he tucks my hair behind my ear
and gives me his special smile

... before walking away with her"

Or he hugs you extra tight, and gives you that look he used to give you when you were lying next to him in bed...

Then he goes home with the girl he cheated on you with.
Loki society 040111
constella THe end of the road will eventually find us all,
no matter what our ages.
What will you do when this barrier is breached?
Life is a book, but I can't turn the pages.

Breathless, but the movie keeps streaming
from every nerve ending I wish it would stop,
but even if the movie's cut shorter,
I will be more sad than not.

Am I doomed to toil without happiness and exstatic enlightnment,
or is this a cruel test, like that of Job's?

I am sick of these games and trying to make other's happy,
I have no satisfaction,
I have no way to feel free or to feel glee.
I am left in just an empty shell of me.
unhinged i try to be but the damn shit is always sneaking back up on me

it was my first drug...hope and nothing else ever quite fills the hole it leaves behind.
Bizzar staring up at the stars. and with your every last ounce of concentration, with all your might. trying to reach them. 060330
*Amy* yeah....one of those days.. 060330
unhinged hope is the other_side of fear; holds us back from true liberation

or does it?

wise_hope rather than idiot_compassion?

i'm grasping at straws
winter 2020
harsher than any in recent memory
what's it to you?
who go