cur i don't understand this. who am i? who are you? i don't understand. i was looking for a bloody potato chip. this is not a bloody potato chip. indiredtly, possibly, a bloody potato chip could be derived from all of this. 030126
bloody potato chip no, you're wrong. i am a bloody potato chip. you've found me. here i am, in all my bloody glory. 030127
ferret blood, potato ships, no wait... chips, no ships sounds better, wash away all the blood by falling over the edge of a bloody potato ship. yeah, if only you would listen.... 030127
mae 030524
The Spork Organic data-line and power cables, moving and controlling the messy machinery that is flesh.

Goddamn, I'm such a poet.
me i have them ya know. and everytime you shake your head, everytime you give me that fake fucking smile, you pinch another. one of these days i'm gonna go so fucking numb you could cut out my heart and i wouldn't even know you were there. 050116
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