k&aj the ska fest and spitting out dirt
getting honked at for taking up too much room on the sidewalk and marco et marco
snow days with snow sundaes
the greek american club and a night in the rain
oceanography and save ferris
photo booths and vans trading cards
tea at the four seasons
new years eve sophomore year
missing the show and glow bowling
whenever you talk to someone you never thought you would
Chrity go to:
you 16 020224
filzkugel the days just fly by, and there is nothing we can do about it 021012
ever dumbening Dudleya Candelabrum emerges, crawls out of the stump of charcoal onto the sketchbook's waiting page.

The King Mountain Manzanita, looking as if it has just leaped out of an Ernie Barnes painting, summons my hand to touch its muscular form, smooth and brown. Yin and yang captured in a pose, static only to the fast-moving eye.

The gently furred leaves of Hummingbird Sage trade their fruited scent for a bit of affection.

And this string of days that starts and ends here reveals the Western Redbud in its namesake state.
phil numerology is stupid. 030210
phil no offense 030210
jimmy when you start having more days you can't remember than days you can, you might have a drinking problem. and the sad part is, i'm still functional. 040227
knot meat he walked down the hall with his normal head down diplomacy. people didn't even bump into you if it looked like you weren't even worth confronting due to your total inattentiveness to any overtures of dominance they might make. the faces past him by in a blur of nonsensical half words he was glad he didn't hear the rest of. from this description you'd think it was his freshman year, but actually it was his senior year. and it had always been like this. 040528
ryro These days it's best to live at least two lives. 050106
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