pinkish I burned a childhood photo of us.

Did you burn too?
lil red girlie can't ever take the place
but it makes me feel with you

eiffel tower
the hogfather i hate having my photo taken. but i like looking at old ones of me. good memories. 021216
IWishICouldGoWithDavid Yet another one. Each one seems to get cuter and cuter... you always play the dog card, and the baseball card and it just adds to the spectacularness that is you. ::sigh:: What am I going to do with you? 021216
SuicidalAngel What page in here has the addy to people's online photos?

I tried


and none of those worked.. grr I can't remember!
community_service Try pictures_of_blatherites 030405
SuicidalAngel oh yay! Thank you! 030405
witchesrequiem Did that smile mean something years ago?
Time only prepares us for what is still unknown.
Transition proves things meant to be.
Guided by tired angels it is shown

falling back you cath me
Trust being there since before our past
we ebb and flow
the photo moves at last

low magic, truth within the light
all the pagans whisper in the trees
repetitive circles of bith
when you release you can see

all the photos of you come alive
memories aside, it's the reality that collides
and here we are
would die then hide.
Bespeckled Suicidal Angel, try pictures_of_blatherites_now and pictures_of_blatherskites_now_again.

Both are more current than pictures_of_blatherites and pictures_of_blatherskits.

Also, if you ever forget which is which, check out:
what's it to you?
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