srealismas if someone "shows you the door" you won't be able to forgive them for a lifetime or a few.

The degree of how much they feel that behavior is acceptable is a measure of how horrible a person they are.

I am turning into a man hater, I think. But my previous way of just shutting it down immediately (when i was young) was spot on i think.

On the other hand if it's social media that's kind of okay because that's how stupid the internet is when you metastasize it.

My ex-aunt had pictures of her with a gun on her facebook. I'm gonna shut her down. But i guess it's not cool to unfriend, and you know you cause more problems than you solve with gun people when you judge them ( they like to think they are, despite guns, still being good people ), so i guess i'll put her on "see no posts from x" even though she's on my "friend" list. This phenomenon of facebook is the stupiest in my opinion and has turned the entire world population into potential "false friends" . My other options include deleting my own facebook account. Or making a comment on my own facebook page about how my esteem of people plummets drastically when i see them with a gun. Or i'll just quietly delete her and be uncool, no biggie. And Everybody knows where they stand for the next realtime. Morcheeba had it right about trust. Hospitality is all braggadocio is only what it is nothing more.

Oh i deleted my old fb account and have a new one. Family members (which fb kindly stalked for me using some kind of data) can now continue pretend to give a shit, and never hold a conversation in real life. It's all very stupid.

But i guess the question is does unfriending people on social media feel very similar to "showing the door"? If so you can't do it it is too cruel. Pointing a gun, kinda. Trump telling mexicans and muslims to leave. Same deal.
srealismas Grammar errors galore. The lighting in here is bad. The meds mess with your vision. But i should try harder. Did i say life is too stupid to be bearable lately? That's what i mean. Rich people showing you how THEY can get richer is stupid. The internet is stupid. I'm going to give it one more totally authentic shot at making my life better and if it ruins me again then five lifetimes of revenge. No guns though. I hate those. All rhetoric. 160812
srealismas There was a useful paragraph from the Dalai Lama about not turning away from others, so I shared that and described my apprehension about guns underneath it in a comment. So that worked out because he makes it so nobody wins. Which is great. i love the Dalai Lama and this shows you exactly why. 160812
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