Q That,
my Love,
the very richest.
COLDandBLUEkitty me and emily went to a show. and the menstrual tramps, and a bunch of other punk bands were supposed to play. but because a guy in one of the other bands who happened to be friends with one of the members of the menstrual tramps and was the reason they were going to come down to begin with.. got the shit beat out of him.. i don't remember the story.. something about how he saved the day.. but anyway.. he got the shit beat out of him.. so none of the other bands showed up. so retard bands played.. and rich's band played. which angered the old school punk boys from winona that showed up to see the bands that didn't show. they were rather attractive fellows and i wanted to have sexual intercourse with them.. yummy.. and they brought a dog with them.. who was allowed to come in, because the man in charge of the place (a skateshop) rocks my world. it was rich's band's first show and he was so nervous! just watching him could have entertained us for hours. it was great! he was pacing around and cracking his knuckles and just moving around like a mofo. it was freaking hilarious.. not to mention he and everyone else in the band was completely smashed by this time.. THANK YOU BEER! but i was pleasantly surprised. they were pretty good for being drunk.. and playing their first show. seth was supposed to play that show with them.. but lack of communication sucks my butt.. but it was ok.. because that way i got to beat on aaron (who is also yummy and the sound productions OLDER brother). and after the show.. me and emily were about to leave.. but were sort of standing around.. admiring the yummy punk boys from winona and their dog (scuz). and all of a sudden rich came over to us and invited us to his party after the show.. and on the way out we heard the old school boys talking about it.. so we dedcided.. YES! we shall go.. and we did. nad it was great.. and they brought the dog again. and aaron was a lot of fun drunk. and rich hit on emily all night. and the old school boys did keg stands. it was an awesome night.. save for the fact that EMILY and me found out that josh was an asshole.. but he got in a car accident a couple nights ago and can't remember where he left his penis.. so it's ok. we don't forgive him.. but we like to laugh at him. so.. it's ok, and i approve.

but we don't think rich or pretty aaron remember that we were at the party... they were REALLY drunk.
o.. and he got mad when i played with his kitty.. damn him!
stupidpunkgirl i met rich through my friend leanne
she worked at sam goody with him
this was over a year ago.
i was 15
i got invited to go drink with him and his friends.
they didn't know i was only 15, till i told them.
they were surprised.
leanne moved back to texas.
and i didn't talk to rich for awhile
until leanne came back to visit and we went up to extreme noise.
me and meghan went to a show and his band was playing
he was drunk
very drunk
and he invited us to his new house afterward.
meghan was a good girl and didn't drink. (i'm so proud of her)
the old school punk boys brought scuz.
and rich doesn't remember anything
and shakespeare doesn't remember making out with scuz.
COLDandBLUEkitty ah! but shakespear does remember the scuz!! he's just really embarrased!! i don't drink. drinking is bad. it causes cancer! 001222
jessica rose i don't know rich but i know that meghan and emily are on blather right now. 001222
COLDandBLUEkitty who is jessica rose? 001222
twiggie shh now 001223
jessica rose someone who matters not. 001223
stupidpunkgirl rich remembers everything about the party...
we are now good friends with rich and hang out with him all the time
(that he's not travelling with cadillac blindside)
so right now i miss rich a lot
girl_jane Rich Dewein-the most evil man I know. He's the school's new music director. He's trying to be Hitler without an army. He's insulted many people-students and other faculty members. I want him fired. I want him out. I want him gone...I hope he gets sued for all the things he's done. He's destroying our school, and it'll eventually destroy him. When I know that my grades are safe and out of his hands at the end of the semester, I will tell him what I think of him in a rational way. He will know that he is the only person I've ever wished death upon-death in a very slow, painful, torturing he screams and cries and wishes he didn't have nerves...I hope he feels pain until he goes numb and passes out...

ooo-I feel better now that that's out.
unhinged double chocolate swiss cake rolls

casey im casey and i go to the richest catholic school. we have beaches and daddy bought horses so we could ride the on the beach. daddy just bought me a pink hummer. hummers dont even come in pink but he paid extra money for it. im sooo lucky and rich 040515
anomalous blue sky

and green fields
Rich I'm poor, but I'm as rich as I've ever been. 061114
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