splinken rubbed raw.

[get off the cross, you're wasting the wood]
Soma These days she makes me anxious.

Sorry. Wait.
I should say -
These days I make myself anxious thinking of her.

I'm so overcome by concern. The right of her hurt or suffering sends me skyrocketing over the edge. Plummeting to a place where stomach clenches and I lose my appetite and my voice.

The stress_eating loudmouthed friend.

Strange, the things that our brains do for other people. I've been shaking for three hours, already. "Fight or flight" says the doctor. I've never been a fighter.
I know what I want.
It's always to run.

But not for her.
So I'm shaking in indecision.

I'm out of Xanax again.
Sometimes I think about just taking the whole bottle. I just want this feeling gone so badly. I understand her more when she talks about wanting to rip herself apart. This feeling drives me insane. All these little white nerves running currents to my body- nerves_of_silver instead of nerv s_of_steel.

I wish I could tone it down.
unhinged mine have always been hyperactive 190610
unhinged and it doesn't help that i am currently being stalked by a crow outside my i REALLY don't want to leave the house 190612
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