Shar My head hurts. Maybe my brain is rebelling!

Stupid rebellious brain!
Ralph Oh teacher pick me I'm ever so smart!
Damn your feeble brains!
black flag birdmad He loved her.
He chopped of his left arm
(the good one)
and sent it to her with a box of chocolates.

She ate the chocolates
and watched television.

Meanwhile, HE blew his brains out, picked them up, shoved them back upside his head and made breakfast, ate and then tried again with a renewed vigor and enthusiasm not seen by many.

H. Rollins 1983, from the Family Man LP
For sure! What the everyone thinks zombies eat. ZOMBIES DON'T EAT BRAINS, though. In the very first zombie movie....the zombies were hard to understand, but they were actually calling out "grains!!!!!!" it's symbolic, you know? 000712
syn I'd like to blow mine out right about now... But we all know I'd never do it. Death is too scary. 010125
girl_jane crack my head open on your kitchen floor to prove to you that I have brains...

-Alkaline Trio
daxle that's just scary
I was listening to that song, that particular part of it and I happened to click on blather even though I was looking for stuff about gene pools and saw "brains" in the recent blathers so I thought "wow, how appropriate" and I was gonna blathe the line, BUT THERE IT ALREADY WAS
(in related notes, there's no such thing as a coincidence)
etoiles idi amin eats brains.
i've got him beat by a mile:
i dine upon hearts.
not important hmmm.... brains. 030901
zb.octopus my conscious/unconscious ratio is off

not really, it's just an easy explanation for my spaghetti head. we're in big supply, you know
three words higher _24_percent_vs_1_percent_ brains 050513
Coelti I want him to fuck my brains out, so that I can listen to my heart and just go for it. 060331
phil I don't care about you
I care about me
I care what I feel
not what I see
kill the man
who gives a damn
if you're willing
to paint yourself a name
with his brains
what's it to you?
who go