kx21 Human's strings (e.g. Intelligence/ IQ, Ego/ EQ, Senses / Senses, etc) are dictated primirily by the Genes...

Any Good_point / Q_As?
Annie111 who knows. who actually cares. what would we do with the knowledge? Breed "smart" people?

I guess it would be interesting to find out. But the universe needs to keep us guessing on some levels. otherwise, what would we do with our time?
cube Breeding smarter people might just keep humans from annihilating themselves. It could produce solutions from the common cold to life eternal. And let's not forget the holy grail of free sex without the fear of STDs.

The problem of course is the geniuses themselves. Who wants to live in the shadow of a super race of our own creation? What would we do with them once all the world's problems had been solved? What if the brilliant ingrates don't feel like solving our problems, but would rather study Buddhism instead?

What if they chose to take over the world?
kx21 Specifically, the reproductive substances or organs (e.g. Seed/ pollen, semen / egg, stamens/ pistils, Penis/ genitals, flower, etc) are physically, logically, emotionally and spiritually dictated by the GENES? 020129
daxle pistils do not exist.
genes are units of inheritance.
kx21 ...
dictated by the GENES / DNA?
what's it to you?
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