Quill There are many, many serious problems that need to be addressed. Global warming appears to be one of them (but see the New York Times Science Section on 2/29/2000). There are many others. For example: Overpopulation [by the way, just what did you mean?], economic injustice, inadequate sociolgical and technical infrastructure for economic development, illiteracy, inadequate nutrition, and disease. Part of their apparent intractability are their complex interrelationships that sometimes cause a solution to one to
exaccerbate another. Another part of the intractabilty is the unavoidable political component of any solution or attempt to solve.

The most adept at effectively addressing these problems are technically trained people with the wherewithal and courage to be involved in policy formulation and the politics that involves and policy-trained people with the wherewithal and courage to grasp the technical aspects.

If one is not part of trying to solve a problem, one is part of contributing to a calamity of human catastrophes.

Nobody needs to fight all the battles or win any. But everyone needs to pick one or a few and do her or his best at contributing to what ultimately will be a solution.

So pick one and run with it.
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