Steffen I just say: no way! No way? There's a way! A street? No. A highway? No. It's an Autobahn. It really is. Oh well.. 990605
OTK weigh?
valis there's always one, isnt there? 991207
acuhymen just because you can have anything doesnt mean you can have everything. Is there a road to all places? My life is limited only by my death. As hopeful as that sounds it means that i must end this confusion and act. or simply act. thinking is acting. acting is tough. 000225
marc stillness is 000305
WoNDERGIRL something about
the way you sit
in your blue hooded sweatshirt
pulling on the hood strings
and the strings
of my heart
4550ormore He calls. 000527
Sol the way to happines:

be true, if you are hungry eat, if tired sleep, etc. then you realise yourself.

give of yourself, because you are no more real than everything around you, if there is a need, satisfy it.

give your love freely and without spite or fear.

accept peoples truths, fears, times, tries, tears, and triumphs without anger.

seek to think as a child does, never quell curiosity it is the advancement of the mind.

show confidence in yourself but do not take from others for it and never assume superiority.
James At Mc. Taco King, you have it our way bitch. 010511
bill bixby opel 010824
Inanna There is always a way.
Often there are many ways.
Some ways just require less effort.
If you don't know the way, learn, or think of your own way.
Daria How do you find your way?
What exactly is a way?
What's it look like?
god ways too 020620
Sensory should we trust whichever way comes our way? 021011
sin24 love this place 031008
Dr. No no we must analyze the hell out of everything

look for reasons and ulterior motivations for actions or words because people often do or say one thing but mean the exact opposite

so since you never know for certain
you wait
Until you're pretty damn sure
tr aWAY 040603
fi the best way 060318
Humboldt Atrenach The specific mistakes we made along the way, as other less promising errors beckoned, that was our Way. 070518
pencil deway 070519
odem a way 071204
Storingmjakr Over there: oodles of noodles
Over here: Crude oil & poodles

which way do we go?
ego hum Frank Sinatra 211105
ego hum My? 211105
ego hum my way is wayward 211105
what's it to you?
who go