auto cross reference system One of nah's pet peeves.

See i_wish_i_never_woke_up_this_morning.
nah....! ha! 011214
distorted tendencies Maybe this is one of those..

I hope it's not.
ClairE I refuse to believe. 020116
tori include my birth. muhahaha 031115
Eliese They break you.
They take you for granted.
They laugh when you are not looking.
Or when you are.
They are everywhere.
Fuckin parasites.
syr0 We all start pure,
mistakes are what we live,
that become what we are.
asher I excel at making them

and blather is no exeption to this rule
birdmad and sometimes, ther eis the maddening, almost soul-crushing urge to sit and analyze the ones we've made and wonder, "if you could unmake even one mistake, how might things have turned differently from tht point?"

("There must have been a time, in the beginning, where we could have said - no. But somehow we missed it" ---Stoppard 'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead')
minnesota_chris Mistakes make us unique, like stains on blue jeans. 100125
Arwyn i've made many. i was wrong. you were right. but now i know you won't even talk to me. the loss of close friends can be and is for me excruciating. 100125
z i learn more from mistakes than successes, but i need both to learn well. 100125
hsg sometimes i'm careful to not_learn from things.. just because one experience meant something once doesn't mean it's translatable. if you fall off a horse maybe horses should be avoided at all costs- didn't_you_learn_the_first_time?

or maybe there's a better way to go about it. maybe a bicycle but also maybe a horse.
z i do not know how to not learn. i consider learning a default of the human condition. 100126
ergo Interesting mistakes, not the same old mistakes. I might be in the vicinity
of learning.
SleepieCloud we made all those mistakes, and then made them again... just because we could.

And here we are, together.

I have to wonder if we were mistaken after all.
what's it to you?
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