Brad past tense of avoid. 000611
tourist That place we cannot face
that remains behind the veils
of memories and hopes and noble aspiration
Lieing secretly at the heart of the matter,still beyond reach of our Mortal Comprehension, yet it beckons slyly from the shadows in the corner of our witless dreams of glory, tries to lure us with whispered stories of love and truth so gorey where the heros lie cold bleeding out their last for deeds now done. The promise of rememberance by the Bards through time Immortal.
Take this from Me I'm not ready still I know the time draws near,let me hold on to the fiction and the dream that keeps me safe.
Wayne Avoided by all means. The means are ends in the beans. The beans contain any all fibrouses in the statuspherosus that keeps us above the plains before we wanes, so be it, I kick the bit into freebeosis. I wane you good bye my lies, here byes, in eyes, forever.

- Michael Chumikeaks
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