lion send a thought my way...
the sum of the words...
that, i wish, was what the past was to me. send a thought my way...
ikon i don't care what you say, the past is alive. it's alive and breathing here and now. it doesn't go away. and it won't until he stops looking back. 000123
briana. do you ever look back and wonder why everything was really so much better when it seemed that nothing was working out? 000225
moonshine How can I look back, The past joys are now murderous thoughts. 000727
Sol The past cannot be
the future will not be
the only truth is now
chuck the past is not real. it's all in our minds. Learn from it, but don't let it consume you. It's not real. 010306
mikey past (pst)

No longer current; gone by; over: His youth is past.
Having existed or occurred in an earlier time; bygone: past events; in years past.

but...tis easier said then done. if letting the past go was so easy there wouldnt be as much sadness depression and loneliness. and its almost impossible to simply forget something. besides the past is what shapes us therefore forgetting it would be forgetting yourself. i do agree with the last 2 blathers above me mind you.
Tim!!! is when i cared about what is to be 010411
phil future 020719
. . 021114
Ant - "There is no future, there is no past,
I live this moment as my last".
David Mitchell Living in the past is only cool when you're making it the future. 030101
niska i ditched it there. it's where it belongs. your turn. 030420
niska oops.

that appeared to be a response to shorlove.

it's not.
mona I know I am always thinking about the past
Past days and nights
Past moments
I always want to ask you what happened
But we both deliberately avoid the subject
I think for me, I need to ask you about it
I need to tell you how much pain you caused me
When you first told meno, no; when you finally rejected me,
I didn’t show you any emotion
I couldn’t understand why it took you this long to tell me
There was nothing I could do anymore
I thought maybe you wanted to see how it would make me feel
See if it would hurt me, like some sick joke
But I know now you didn’t intend it to be that way
You didn’t know what you were doing which makes it worse

I know we know each other very well; we still tell each other things we wouldn’t tell others, but how well do we really know each other

What you didn’t know about me is that I attach emotion to everything
This may not be a good thing but that’s the way I am
The simplest acts, or just things you would say would make my day
And I attached emotion to them

I am only telling you this so that maybe you can understand better why it hurts so much.
I couldn’t show you then how much it hurt
I didn’t know then how much it hurt
So for now the stinging pain is fading
learning lifes greatest lessons don't dwell on the past, it won't get you anywhere. remember it and learn from it, but don't dwell on it. 030507
User24 wow.

just logged in to yahoo, using my ancient userID, it gave me a list of all my old Yahoo Messanger contacts.. shit, that's a blast from the past.

if anyone recognises the name "Lucifer109" or "Lucifer_1_0_9", well, that's me. :)
reckless poet i wrote this for my boyfriend when we were close to breaking up (which we did like a week later) i still dream about him AND IT SUCKS. he really wasnt all that special newho

there i lay,
distilled in peaceful agony
begging for the night,
whence i may surrender my apologies at your deserving feet.
the feet which own the right to trample me.

admist your peril and my beliefs, we gasp for life between kisses.
life accordingly running its' course, nestling in the width of our veins.
these veins bleed so adamently for love, which i soak from every tangible pore.

like lightning love is, and what else matters?
for what do we owe Heaven for this precious gift?
sentimental simplicity expresses our breath, our soul, our being.
the memories engulf our hearts with that bond, that togetherness.
holly you may be through with the past
but the past is never through with you
x twisted x oh how i wish i could go back. not to my past..but to the past. a different time maybe. with new and different challenges. i just want to get away from now. i feel so binded and trapped. its probably all in my head...but...i want to be somewhere else. i dont know how to explain it anymore. 040411
lou_la_belle i tried to let it go...
leave it in the past.
i wish it was like a coat
that i could just,
shrug off my shoulders
and leave it lying on my bedroom floor.
instead i find its like a persistant song,
running around endlessly in my head...
and all i can think of is that i didnt get my dance.
i didn't get to live my dream
just that one last time.
which is good.
experience has taught me
that reality is much,
much better. :)
N8 what happend before
what you can't change
peachmelba pain and pain over again. how are we supposed to survive earthquakes when they open up holes in the ground for our curiosity to awaken and to lead us astray. suddenly realizing falling forever in darkness. 041108
tr pastA 041215
me ya know when you do something really cool, or maybe it sucked real bad, either way, ya know when something happens, and then like four years later the exact same thing happens again? does that mean i fell through a portal or something and got a chance to relive the past? 050131
mullet Changes bring back the past, you dont realize what you have til its gone 050722
thieums Past is where you get to when you have no future left. 050722
past life_lived, all we know (and not that for sure) 090306
Lemon_Soda The past is history. 090306
auburn Sometimes I just think about you a lot. 101204
kookaburra I'm trying to believe that things can be beautiful for having been. 121113
unhinged so close to the present

no reason sometimes you try to move on but your dreams don't 121114
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