typhoid A gift was delivered to Laura
From a cousin who lived in Gomorrah;
Wrapped in tissue and crepe,
It was peeled, like a grape,
And emitted a plae, greenish aura.
fanta True friendship is a gift. Too bad it's so rare. 010622
pansy I want you to notice me as a person
I want some affection
only thisfor a start.
Nowadays love costs very much
if I earn for it I will buy it and give it to you
As a Christmas gift.
mr song fuck u kerri_finn! 070618
mr song kari_fin* 070618
mr song kari_finn .... sorry 070618
Soma blathing is a gift
one that continues day upon day
and night upon night
Broken_Soul What you said was a gift only broke my heart more everyday. You should have just left. 240114
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