marq she listens.
not many do that anymore.
i like her.
she's pretty.
great to talk to.
I wish I had her life.
chianne is awesome.
pigeon i don't have any cousins. it's kinda sad.. cuz most people i know have droves of cousins. 040804
gja In China, the one child family rule, and, the passing of one more generation, will see the concept disappear 070717
kung Fu That was so stupid, how can you tell someone, demand that that is how many children they have?
That was a dictatorship only, not freedom.

Today they make people work like slaves and then keep all the US dollar in the bank!
I wonder what the people think of that.

Well, they do have a very big army; a lot of the money goes there, under threat maybe? Confused maybe? cold war maybe!

A lot of the shit we think we need is produced in China, we buy it and the Chinese laborers suffer for it.

Ying Yang RIGHT! oh, SHIT! it's Rush Hour!

time is money, tick tick, NO you CAN'T have a life! the people in the west want this robot, it is the latest craze.

They are so lazy they want a robot to do the hovering, labor is too expensive in the west is it ! maybe you are too busy paying off your mortgage and the child minders (who is my Mummy? i'm a fucked up child).

thick dick heads !
gja misguided maybe? 070717
fuffle i won't be friends with my brother then, because of my Uncle, it will be past to the next generation too maybe, brothers and sisters not friends, because there is two of us and one of you. it goes 3/1 not 1/3. it's a shame i don't have a very big family thats all. but it doen't matter, i was just worried, if i wasn't friends with my brother then when my mumma and pappa go, i will have no one, see, things need to be shared, not just within families though, love is more important, don't be aggressive about it. 070717
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