we all What to do, what to do.
djdown it or me, but just pick something before you lose your chance 980826
big that voodoo that you do so well 981205
Nookie or do not, there is no try. 990627
emma and i do! i really do, more than you could ever imagine, i do i do. 990628
Steve I know I'm a werewolf. What's it to you/s.

megan you mind if i sit here? it seems all the other seats have been taken and my legs are awfully tired 990902
valis please do. 991207
camille to act on... ya know..."just do it" :o) 000104
eruth be jeffrey organized chaos nothing
. ... .. .for the oxymoronic fans
marissa you ever not shave your legs for weeks just to see how long you can stand it? 010126
Sol Why, what is in it for me? 010402
mm voodoo i can do what you do easy believe me ma ips are givin' me eeiby jeebies, so while you imitating al capone ill be nina simone an' defacatin' on your microphone 010402
Chrity go to:
waxdot I haven't shaved my legs all winter. It's not that bad, really. What the fuck. What the fucking fuck. This is WRONG WRONG RIGHT RIGHT. I JUST WANT TO FUCKING BE RIGHT. Ok, I must BREATHE. 010414
KatieRose I do what I do 010422
bijou a deer? a female deer? 010609
Jol do you have a sense of yourself?
enough to tell me
what you see in the stars,
the clouds,
me for that matter?

do you know why you're here?
do you know what its like
to live a moment as if it were your last? (because in all likelehood, it will be) do you know how
exquisite each ensuing breath is?
each a breath you never thought you would take.


do you know what you have to do?
god creosote parachute unintentional surprise? corn pewter bowling hat freedom train to clarksdale. all of my love to the unwitting soul. unseen in the light. 020306
god crayon on pewter is my favorite media 020409
kx21 Do: Action less ( - ) Inaction... 020410
Jamie Why do I waste my time sitting here at this computer? 020503
girl_jane as you please. I'll recover later. 020519
eq127 this works on so many levels 020611
eq127 it becomes a part of you 020611
bloke24 If you do do Voodoo
I could do what you do.
ValentineOnLithium I want to do you... yes, you... I don't care what you look like I probably can find something beautiful about you... If not, that's what makes you beautiful.. Unless your'e really stinky and gross.. Wait, did I just contradict myself? I do that a lot too. 021122
abednigo do love everybody.
santa loves you.
Strideo she cries

she says she would do anything for me

so I tell her . .

. . . just leave me alone
Nick Johnson or do not. There is no try. 030805
Louise J What do I mean?
Your eyes are all I see
You're all I feel in this moment
You're a part of me

Fingers interlaced
Is there any other meaning to
That look upon your face?
To that smile upon your lips.

stunned silent
I sense you from within
Eyes look into the depths
Would it hurt to fall in?

Would it hurt to fall in love?
Kyle Do NOT go in there! 031109
thespacebetween do i have to
no maybe not
but what if i want to
what DO i want to do
im so lost
i kissed you
and then i lost it
everything is grey
it hurts so much
but i like the pain the stinging branches of fire against my bare arms
i welcome it
i love you
what must i DO to get you back?
falling_alone *sings*

do your ears hang low?
do they wobble to and fro?
can you tie them in a know?
can you tie them in a bow?
can you throw them o'er your shoulder like a continental soldier?
do your ears hang low?
falling_alone *sigh*

can you tie them in a knot!

yes knot! not know...
z into the concrete. decided. action. verb. impelled. motivate. transpire. happen. fruition. 040405
hyperala ability to create and accomplish my goal 040407
Otto To do is to be.
To be is to do.
Doo be doo be doo!
lou_la_belle do you care anymore?
even the slightest bit?
do you still think of me?
still laugh at our jokes?
you seem so much older
so different
i don't want you to just be
my "childhood friend"
i want you to be
my everlasting friend
i remember who you used to be.

do you?
Borealis meets puredream What you intend doesn't matter
It's what you do

"I didn't mean to kill him sir."
"Well he's dead."
white goodman DOOOOO ITTTTTT

REAListic optimIST are the first few blathes devoid of dates, or is it just the first one on this blathe?? 050730
andru235 051021
world lookin in adam 060208
reched holly 060208
Some old guy Love, love me do!
You know I love you!
I'll always be true!
So pleeeeeeeeease
love me do!
xs ﻔﻑﻋﺞ ﻵﮔﺖ ﻀﺼﺤﺲ! ﷲﭗﮓﺢ ﻩ ﻬﻵﺯ!

ﱡﺈﺔﺴﺴﺀ ﻫ ﻲﻚ...
Holly Do I love Nick? 090228
minnie such a simple word,
with so many meanings :)
what's it to you?
who go