silentbob something so appealing about girls who have already been my age. 001126
misstree i used to look up into his eyes and wonder what they saw, what scars he carried from his extra years, and if i would have scars like that too...

then i found out i was a year older than him

and i felt so very young.
chanaka so what if he's old enought to be my father......he's not! therefore incest isn't a problem 001127
j_blue they always are, either 3 years, or five, never much more.

those my age dont seem to want what i want. and the older ones always think i should be like my peers...
monde why do guys tend to not want older women, just younger ones...as a rule (exceptions exist, one of them is sleeping over there in my bed, gods bless his sweet dreams...)

but i notice LOTS of younger women find older men "interesting" or "intriguing" because of their experience, or maybe money, or power if they have it.

but those same things don't seem to make an older woman attractive to a guy...unless she's got a slender enough body to be mistaken for a 21 year old if seen from behind..

a guy can get turned off by an icky personality in a beautiful girl/woman, but never turned on by a captivating one in a body that's got major mileage on it.

swell world we live in.
i dun' think i was meant to be female.
someone stole my Y chromosome at birth, and i want it back.
EECP Every day we are a little older. Time passes without regard to our feelings or thoughts.
Is it age, is it maturity, is it a state of mind? Does it matter?
It doesn't to me. I don't want to be older without you, yet with you it doesn't seem to matter. Every day with you is a day to remember. It is a day to cherish and marvel. It is a day that will live with me forever. It is a day that was worth spending, a day that was not wasted no matter what transpired. I don't care how many days I spend doing nothing if they are days like the ones I remember. I don't care what I don't get to do that I wanted to, if you are there.
You are older than I and I am older than you. Since it is a state of mind. I will not take you for granted, I will not cause you pain, I will not leave you, I will not forget about you (not even for a moment), I will not give you reason to be insecure, I will not put you second to anything, I will not shush you, I will not ignore you, I will not stop being attracted to you.
I will love you....forever. No matter how old we become.
Melissah older now than before...
I laugh at my warped view of the world.
tourist Older than Some
Younger than Others
lovechild i don't want to be older. i want to stay just where i am. 040219
what's it to you?
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