Devious1 How insecure do I seem to be,
Knowing honestly that you do not love me.
The word once said and truly felt,
But now there is no confirmation when my view is dealt.
I accept this situation that we are involved,
And having some security my problems would solve.
It may seem selfish for these attentions I wish,
And my biggest concern isn't to be first on your list.
All I ask is recognition of my heart,
For my defenses deliver comments that make you want to part.
With my walls built high my lashing does show,
How I wish I didn't make absurd comments I want you to know.
These flaws in me with you I need help,
How important to you I am without asking I am felt.
There has never been a limit on how far I will go,
Loving you deeply is what I want to show.
What I ask is to keep me in mind,
And I know you have more serious issues that I must fall behind.
Please be considerate when holding my love,
For I cherish yours with softness like a velvet glove.
Though I want attention you may not be able to give,
Then give me some re-assurance for this in-security I live.
fairydust you say you're insecure but i think you're really just selfish and using me. but i know this so it's my fault too eh? 011028
Norm Advice= don't be this.

I know that I take advantage of these people.
girl_jane and insignificant...

I'll just hide; nobody will notice me.
blown cherry I didn't realise I was going to be so very insecure about this.
And I'm not all the time, just some of the time.
When you go quiet, and I don't know the contents of your head, you're not smiling, you're not talking.
You might just be thinking about what little food might be in the cupboard at home, or if you have any clean towels left, but my paranoia chooses such moments to run riot.

My paranoia is aware of how long I've wanted, and waited for you, so it whipers doubts into my ear about how much you actually want to be with me, or if you've simply given in after all this time.

My insecure paranoia is one of those more insane bits of my head,
please ignore it,
I am.
burden it's like I was in line for it, got it, and then got in line again.

self-doubters, unite!
phil today 020729
James T. McRae I once loved a girl so insecure she tested me, I failed the test, I will never know what I lost. I thought she was the one, perfect, but no. My dreams were torn in an instant from the mind and heart in which they were first concieved.
I love you CJ,
Asrai insecurity or unconfidence, which one would you want, or are they around the same..... 020922
dax21 man 020922
crimson A teacher used to tell me I was insecure because I cross my legs a lot.
She stereotyped everyone.
She locked kids in the closet.
spathic at some point you just have to know that the insecure person from middle school is gone and no one can see him or her unless you want them to. 031019
spathic i mean that in general, btw. 031019
Death of a Rose only nice guys feel this.

(bring it on ye all that would debate!)
minnesota_chris I think many many mean people are also insecure 031215
sylphide I concurr.. otherwise they wouldn't really have reason to be so mean.. from a girls point of view at least anyway.. 031216
false depth another reason you hate me, what if I weren't? Would you love me then?

endless circles of self-doubt, ending ever in itself
Syrope i'll casually type in a page, then realize i was the last person to blathe there, and it's suddenly awkward

why didn't anyone else say anything?
falling_alone i think they could hear my heartbeat
i know they could
only they didnt say.
i bet they did
they heard it pounding against my sternum
beating faster
and faster
i know they felt the vibrations
coarse though my chest
through my feet
to the floor.
thump thump
thump thump
thump thump
you can hear this all
but i think you enjoy my panic.
Misanthrope Everytime I see myself in the mirror, I realize how insecure I am. 060204
her royal highness the quirk i just noticed that in the framed picture that's sitting on my desk, i'm wearing your pants. one of those moments where it catches me off guard, where time stops, where i can't breathe. 060205
small_girl_with_purple_hair the meanest things i have said were caused by being insecure and im pretty sure that being insecure was caused by mean things that other people said. that kinda makes me screwed up. 060720
no reason now i know what he meant when he said he was insecure when it came to us 061206
thieums Those days, feels like the police is everywhere
People in blue on the streets, armed soldiers in the train
CCTV watches us all
I don't feel safe with so many strangers and so much technology "protecting me."
When did we become so insecure
To give away our freedom for a dream
That turns slowly into a nightmare?
unhinged it's kinda scary how much i like you

i always wanna have my
heart on my sleeve

we all know how that one
Doar you protect me
but collect me
i pay you to protect me
to collect me

you play with my being
a causality
distant you play
my very soul

stat's you demand
of the future
and lift a finger
and descend

the distance
you do not bleed
you see only the numbers
and utilitzation

a zero
another one
a last staccato




what's it to you?
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