silentbob Oh...

I...didn't realize...

How've you been?
Why didn't you stop by?
I always thought that maybe you'd call or write sometime...

I don't really know what to say.
lovers lament . . .sorry, i thought you knew. at least, she told me you did. if it makes you uncomfortable, we can call it off. him? no, he won't be pissed. . .
(at least, i hope not)
misstree standing on one foot with a crooked smile in hand that you cling to, because there's nothing else to try to steady yourself with. unsure, about to fall...

what? me? umm...
kate i'd look at you in a way you'd never recognize, but somehow you'd know just what it meant.

come here and hug me even if i look off limits.
grendel what these last few days have been and will be until she is gone, and then it will just be the familiar ache of solitude 001126
sabbie and he stood in my kitchen
as i stared in disbelief
through the banisters
and i could not make my brain understand
why he had driven 9 hours
just to turn up at my uni
to say hi.

and i sat at my desk
and studied all night
and was studied all night in turn
by a boy who never understood
that i only ever wanted to be his friend.
Norm Touch me dirty you filthy smelly ape. 011128
pretty time have you ever played the awkward game?? it's fun when you're pinning it on someone else but not when you're getting awkwardized. i don't think that's a word. anyway, the awkward game is when, like, you're with some people, and one happens to be a guy you hooked up with when you were totally drunk or something and someone else says, "remember when you fooled around with ***** and 5 people walked in on you?" and you sorta blush and wanna jump off a cliff cuz it's awkward for the both of you but you just grin and bear it. that's the awkward game. try it sometime, you'll like it. or you won't. but it's something to do. 011129
little wonder i have never felt this awkward in my own house.

there's this horrible feeling that i just need to GET OUT but i have no where to go.

i want to go far away, to somplace i've never been. i want to be able to just forget about everything even if it's only for a few hours.

a bottle of vodka would be nice too.
cough some place... 020208
girl_jane I thought I could trust you, but I guess not. Now that this has happened, I don't think I'll be able to look at you again. I don't think we can be together again, not after you were with her, not after you cheated. I'm leaving now. I don't like this feeling in the air. I don't like the fact that you make my stomach feel the way it does now. It used to be a good feeling, something different, but now I just want to vomit. 020208
yoink "you won't talk, but we're not fighting

you hold on to your secrets, but i can't help but wonder what's on your mind"

it gets better every minute, all i want to do is breathe in your soul

you feel so good, so good
kss sorry it was awkward
all I really wanted
was to be a tiny bit closer
to connect and maybe give comfort
through some small physical contact
to give back the gladness I feel
when we do nothing together.
Anistoric Rogue. -ness is not fun.

"Hi, yeah, nice to see you too. --Silence-- I, er, uhhh, gotta go. Nice to see you, yeah, already said that ahahhaha, uh, buhbye now, I'll write or call or write hah... er..."
shivers hes grounded...
cant call him
she talked to him earlier
said he fought
his dads an ass
i miss him
dont know how to help
Souless Wanderer Awkward game? I rule at that. I should just keep my foot in my mouth.

At a spontaneous get together, about 10 people, and one guy cleaned off his girlfriends glasses... Me: "aww... *looking over at my friend* do you do that for *insert his girlfriends sisters name*?" I got up and walked out of the room.

"The wedding picture? The one you drew of you and dan?" "they dont know i like dan" Walk out of the room, again.

While in a resturant with my friends. Someone says Daves name... Turn to his brother, ben, and stage whisper, "They're talking about you." I didnt even realize what i did for a while....

I'm great at that game.
rendered a few years ago, i was living in a huge house, we were always having people over. this particular day, we had a lot of people from out of town as well. i looked around the living room and realized that, out of twelve people, i had slept with nine of them. only a few knew about any of the others, and only one knew about all. i stole that one and skedaddled down to the porch to smoke and shake my head and sigh. 040109
emmi i trip at least once a day. it's pain, being kinda tall and trippin on my shoes, and everyone notices. the other day a construction worker shouted something at me and i got ditracted and tripped on a plastic bottle. then yesterday i tripped in the middle of a crowded street and a girl wearing all pink stared at me. i got so angry. i mean, WHAT EXACTLY THE FUCK ARE YOU LOOKING AT?? ok, i'm clumsy, but come on! there is just no excuse for that godawful hat. 040514

the silence was unbearable.
acidshank sometimes its awkward with him. hes so quiet. but then again i can deal with it. hes so cute
my old friend told me to talk more today. hes like u always say the same words. say stuff! he thinks i look like a coke head cuz my nose looks huh?
that was such a good time.
i still miss him. could it ever work between us?
syrope the moment you realize it's
just you
all you
only you

that he has a life for everyone, and a toned down version for you, while you smile to yourself throughout the day about how no one gets to see any of who you really are except him. and then he doesn't care to ask you as many questions as he asks perfect strangers.

that he still thinks other women are beautiful, while you don't even qualitatively process faces any more.
except his. and that you look at it so much that you notice he doesn't look back.

that you can't sleep at night wondering where the feelings you had once. before. went. while he carefully avoids you until you smile once, and then assumes everything is ok. i'm sure he's sleeping beautifully right now.

all along i felt so inadequate, like i wasn't showing enough devotion, spending enough time, listening enough, pampering enough. but i was the only one worrying. and that makes it not worth worrying about.

so it's just me. more alone than when i was really alone. again.
pete . 051001
Syrope he came in and stood.
i thought "great, this is so awkward. he's not going to hug me or kiss me."

and then i realized
i don't remember the last time he walked into a room and hugged or kissed me with any sort of fervor or passion.

today is no different
saxgoddess The awkward game ... Truth and Dare is a great time to play that! The truths; Do you still fancy so-and-so ... when that person is in the room ... hell yeah ... not so good when your terrified someone will do that to you and the so-and-so is your ex and the answers yes. Thankfully, a friemd stopped them from asking that, but it was close. 060224
le_buda_nagot my name is Mac McMacken. 060321
her royal highness the quirk i always wondered, but now i know. and i feel so damn vulnerable and naked. 060321
pete Well it happens every so often. I walk in on an awkward moment, or perhaps my presence makes the heavy silence awkward. They weren't even looking at each other yet the weight of their presence forced me out of the room. Them together is awkward, though I doubt they see it that way. It's damn annoying--especially as she's unofficial roommate who is edging closer and closer to getting hit with a portion of the bills next time around.. 060504
becca the word itself
superleni it's those two double-yews and that gawky kay.

too many knees.
siann awkward
a word with two many double-u's
awkward in themselves
when they're actually two-v's
poor w
sighing in class
called up unexpectedly
stubbing a toe
falling on ice
air so thick you could cut it with a knife
another awkward word
what's it to you?
who go