I am just one of many, and we are just many of all.
fyn gula when i was little, i drank from a bottle until i was three. my mother asked me to place it under the tree and Santa Claus would bring me something special. i believed. when i woke, in my arms, was a tiger. 000119
kristin when I was young, the bully called me shrimp- and I said "don't call me shrimp! My mom eats shrimp!"...good come back... 000607
god bulk death! 010129
ellen cherry charles His hands are smaller than mine 020127
oli i feel small when i cant spell 030716
whitechocolatewalrus i am small(short, miniature, tiny, little, insignificant, minimum, minutiae, scintilla, scantling, shrimp, grain of sand, exiguous, infinitesimal, imperceptible, vestigial, invisible, short) 031214
volcano whenever i see extra small boy t-shirts, i buy them for you.

yeah. i know we don't talk anymore.

oh well.
meh... small isn't always bad.

people are insecure about the stupidest shit.

when you think you're small, someone else thinks you're amazing.



for no reason, other than they knew it all along.

you're amazing.
dakota it's not easy being small 040221
annina ah, being small..
you know i was small when i was a child and now i'm 21 and still small
and, i'm not sure, maybe i'm also still a child, what would you say?
but, i think i'd rather stay small and a child, than getting grown and serious!
cadymay it just occured, when reading about small, that all my favorite soul-touching friends are small.
I am 'average' so I can't say, but judging from their soul beauty,
it must be very special to be small,
they know some secret beauty, they look right at my eyes when we talk, and listen with their hearts and hear bigger things,
little critters have big ears..
ryro In all this confusion - I forget I am so small. 050111
Gardien but perfectly formed. 050501
JM "Even the smallest person, can change the course of the future."
-JRR Tolkien
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