i oh so small 980821
Garipose Slipshod They called him Sea who saw him,
And never did see him more
He left the little coastal town
And took along the shore.
adam like my hips, little and thin and brittle, bending under your weight, threatening to shatter everything. 990228
miniver The infamous Chicken, at "large" (poultry-gone-pigwidgeon).

The sky
robert Blather dear heart for in your endless
voicing of all that you think or dream may come the answer inside of you.
me? looks like Dr. Jamf 's been by to see your little thing today, hasn't he? 991110
jennifer jolie never realized how little she had until she lost nothing 991222
marjorie the word people use to describe my combat boots with grumpy bear shoe laces... 991228
andrea that's when everything was simple
and the sun shone just for me because
he knew how much i liked the warm light
it provided me all day long

oh, and another thing...
that mister sun...he gave me the moon
so that way, at night time, i would
have a teensy bit of light
enough to hide in my closet when
i heard the footsteps

copyright 1999
camille atom 000103
BoofPixie in a blanket. in the house alone... 000308
MollyGoLightly Funny how I'm littlest when I'm at my biggest. 000520
renee when a girl says its a good size...its a nice way of saying...that its small.

valis little things mean a lot.

unless they're those tiny lint balls in your belly button. try not to pay too much attention to those.
fran I have little frogs, little tiny things. When they curl up, they're about the size of a peanut m&m. They always live in the water, so I can't hold them, but I think even if I could, they'd be too tiny and they'd disappear down my t-shirt forever. 001216
elana my classmates and their brains 010309
Robin I feel little thinking of you
I feel invisible next to you
Glory Box I, who am larger than life, feel small when I am near you. Feel like the child I am. Still I chase after you, the lure of the mother/lover too strong to deny. 010518
NinNy Nu Nu I'm ittle. 010521
mer love is the largest little invisable yet links for some all notall little loves can be orgasismsmaking the world 010604
josie I sit and think, a billion little thoughts whirr throughout my mind. It's bizarre to think that i'm afraid of the day when I suddenly stop. But it will not..not with the staves growing longer and the notes playing many things, so many little things that move me towards the momentous music. The dischords of an electric organ through the crackle of my radio. The silence of the beat in this sterile bedroom. The acoustics of a song playing out my life in a matter of minutes. I shiver with pleasure and lick my lips again. The taste of sweet endorphin on my pallate.
It's just about the little things, the little things playing aloud in my heart.
kim the smallest feeling in the world 020114
lizard little jimmy was a seven foot monster 020826
~gez~ little jimmy busted both his legs? how is it possible for him to be a 7 foot monster? 020826
among the rest i like to write this word in cusive. its just plain loopy 030220
joda Awww... Little is cute.

Even the gnarliest midgets are adorable.
pobodys nerfect ~little one
~little girl
Two of a few highschool nicknames I had.

Sometimes though,it's really hard being little. That word "cute" always comes up, and while I'm usually flattered, I never quite know what people mean by it.
meehall water glistens like little jewels
on leaves
in the morning
Ms.T oh little tiny dog... why did your head fall off? little creature of dreamscape nonsense.. 030827
TheMarryMeGirl little like me 030904
celestias shadow which is why all my friends always pick me up. this wasn't my choice, you know. 031012
falling_alone little girl i see
you standing there
your eyes are bright
is black
little porcelian doll
you see the truth
in life
skin is white, pale
from fear
tears on your lashes
are sparkling jewels
little girl i see
you crying for the world
do not cry for me
in the end
my porcelian doll
our fate is shared
and so i
cry for you.
chemical me. 040219
niska this guy i now once said:

"everyone treats me like a kid - because i'm so small."

Irony - considering...

Philosophistry the amount of truth
that ppl have in their heads
compared to fiction
ethereal sometimes you make me feel really little. 040308
pete all seeds begin in something great, and then become small so they can enter the pocket of the earth and grow big again when there is time and space and light enough for the new life to grow again.

in small words come great pain and great smiles, in large words the same. though i find more pain in large words as they are usually an unnessarcary hassle to say and often are just a mix of addons and tackons that would be much better as individual words.

"dear brothers and sisters,
dear enemies and friends,
why are we so alone here?
what we need is a little more hope
a little more joy,
what we need is a little more light
a little less wieght,
a little more freedom
We were an army
We believed that we were an army
And we believed
And everyone was afraid
Like little lost children
In a world of grown ups..."

Track 3 from Born into Trouble As the Sparks Fly Upward by The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band
pete We are little like the children of Jericho. 040324
FlipMcCoy choice of what to do,
write or click off into the infinite space.

check list of unsaid things, trailing away near the end where nothing dwells. dark, no way of escaping the madness. please, sir, can i have another?

once was big, but now i'm little.

crouching in the corner, watching as the weight collapses on my thin ego. snap, crackle, stop the unbearable pressure on my soul.

please, sir, let me past the gates. let me grow again...

repeat of what has already been spoken, hoping to secure a spot in eternity.

dream --- sitting among the great absence, staring off into death.
caress my thorns it only hurts a little...

but i lie a lot...
icle icle not little for gods sake! 070315
. ickle not icle for fuck's sake 070316
. i'm tall and thin but i'm very little, so i dress like a girl and have lots of fun with boys who like that kind of thing. 070316
? uuurrrrr... why? 070316
. cos I can't find a girl who doesn't laugh at it, and i like sucking cock, since you ask. 070316
? ok - fine... as you like..
why did you want to tell me?
Rob When I look up at the stars,
or stare across the ocean
at their wavering reflections,
feel the rhythm of the waves
invading and retreating, guided
by forces bigger than me and you
I remember
what I am for
superleni in my hands
in my heart
what's it to you?
who go