me? G is NOT for gematria

23 - (zhch) - parted, removed, separated
23 - (chdvh) - joy
37 - (lhb) - flame
37 - (dgl) - banner
41 - (achlb) - fecundity
41 - (gbvl) - terminus
257 - (arvn) - the ark
257 - (chrtm) - magician
troy spot.
-Do you know where a guy's is?
(Ask Dr. Drew if you don't know; it's o.k. to ask)..
vicious greg 000413
moonshine If I had a goggle for every giggle you gaggled! 001016
god they sigh with goggles on 011222
ClairE L O R I A 011222
~gez~ first letter of the name of the omnipotent
stork daddy i found my g spot. it's my penis 020925
crimson some basic and important G words
for G is my favorite letter:

gaze, gate, graceful, gazel, gazebo, gummibears, gloat, goat, goose, glass, gumbo, ghoul, ghost, gobblin, gun, government, godless, gold, girl, go, gum

the misfit G's:
gerbil, giraffe, gym, giant
oldephebe geeeee
electric prodigy
tv -eeeeeeee
*eyes all agog, the agog of the cognitively impaired*
ben amber you sound hot lets meet up sum tym come 2 my apartment its 42/a dempsey terrace 040513
g hah? 071108
g would you like to do me a favour?
can you highlight your past on blather? because, i am completely lost and kind of stupidly blind.
maybe that way i will manage to get some rest, do i have to beg?
:P what is yours names you chicken dropping. 071113
g g 081023
fghio fghio 101116
what's it to you?
who go