emma " please, take me with you
i don't care where you're going "
emily stiffling words...fleeting pride 990131
amy beg your pardon, i do need a pardon. i, the reporter of facts and coincidence, had one fact completely wrong. this white which i speak? this white love exists but is a faint glimmer to two characters, its consummation forced. but somehow through it all, the communication of true love was finally achieved, characters weeping sweetly. 991221
Toxic_Kisses "Get on ur knees and beg" 011009
time_warp "what do you want me to do?"
"...i want you to _____ me."
"do you?"
"then ask me."
"will you ____ me?"
"say please."
"please? *moan* please, __, will you please _____ me?"
"how do you want me to do it?"
"i want you to _____ me hard. please."
"how hard?"
"so hard i scream. so hard i fall apart. so hard i lose consciousness."
"and what do i get out of it?"
"... ... ...i'll let you do whatever you want afterwards, if you'll just _____ me so hard..."
"that's a dangerous offer, little one. are you sure?"
"yes... just... please..."
"as you wish..."
what's it to you?
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