amy my coincidences keep folding in on each other, into a dense center that i can only identify as a pam houston book but is probably actually what we might call 'me' at this very time and place.

i feel intense, giddy, electric, unbalanced, alive, and anxious.
hmmmm there are certain things that move me on certain days in ways that seem trivial and embarass me on other days...but it is possible that I slightly scare myself on some early mornings where lights are scarce and i feel young.
Krys No
yoink i was browsing through the yard and followed someone's list and ironically ended up where i started.

put that in your pipe and smoke it
QuinTin one day I bumped into:
Peter, Mathew, Mark, Luck , John, Lola,
Jane, justin, James, William, Carol, Jamie, Fred, Ian, Ross, Elise, Jen, Charlie, Ali, Helen, Julia, Robbie, David, Sam, Kirt, Sam, Greg, Dan, Jo, Emma, Fiona, Luck, Tim, Tom, Simon, Kelly, Lindsey, Ben, Uma, Kenny, Mike,
John, Dorris, Andrew, Yaz, Sunny, Charlotte and .. what does your name mean?
surrealchereal Coincidence?
No such thang
unless you really think
there was the
big bang.
unhinged is so damn painful

why did seeing the words 'i believed every word you said' on your away message make me get this weird little thing in the bottom of my stomach even though i know you weren't directing it at me?

why does you telling me to download the song 'don't let him steal your heart away' make that little bitter smile appear?

why does my heart always have to be reduced to coincidence?
absent but still present locked in coincidence
hold me softly
a thought but
hours pass
in this beautifully
lonely second
the zen of a city
in the sunshine
the cooing of doves
with the bustle of
in a shady evening
locked in coincidence
without a thought but
camille tossing aside the clothing of insight and thoughts that have passed the baton this race
that can never be won

running till i am spent and there is nothing left but the coo of a dove nudging my bloody elbows and finger tips from clawing at her grave
freakizh when i thought of a movie, or talk about it because x reason, in less than two weeks it pops out in tv, no matter how weird is it. 020201
someone who watched tv dustin hoffman? 030213
nonlucid every time i look at the clock (around that time) for the last few years it's 9:11
not 9:10
not 9:12
:) The_Spice_of_Synchronicity... 040708
... around_and_across Tathagata_Store 040708
dafremen There was something about the way he smirked. I don't know what it was. Something about the look on a man's face when he's dead wrong and doesn't know it. It's more irritating than when he isn't and doesn't or is and does.

Something about the way he'll let you show him the 6 different ways that the pieces fall together so nicely as to make it almost inconcievable that such could be an accidental arrangement. I say almost inconcievable...but then there was him.

So wrapped up in being intellectually put-together that he's managed to forget what an emotional wreck he is.

So well groomed by La Maquina Social Educativa, that his "boundless" imagination falls egg-to-nest snug against it's taught and tailored bounds.

"It's a coincidence...or haven't you ever heard of those?", he smugly replied, that stick-press sneer inlaid between his mouth corners just begging for a tossed knuckle salad..

"Yea, I've heard of those. You mean like when your dad's dysfunctional sperm and your mom's aberrant egg managed to occupy the same space long enough for you to be concieved...a coincidence. Well this isn't like that."

Wouldn't that've been easy? Instead I just smiled...said "I guess you're right" and moved on.

Because some secrets keep themselves when they really need to be kept, and in the end, some folks are better off not knowing.
person better off not knowing what 050509
z simultaneous occurrence 050510
misstree evil evil
how dare the mp3 playuer and television know so much of my plight?
mt aleatoric_concinnity 050518
emmi i don't think i believe in them...

i was just passing by on a bus...and there was a nametag...on some stranger's suit
i walked by a restaurant...and the name of the restaurant...
and now here.

three is too many for it to be a coincidence.
Kurt Vonnegut "All persons, living and dead, are purely coincidental." 070724
fuffle well, it kind of looks that way now ! 070725
what's it to you?
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