psyki i was wrong.
i will admit that.
can you understand that?
i see you nodding.
i like your eyes.
i made a mistake.
can you see that?
i am not superman.
i have some flaws.
i am not perfect.
TaterHead ...its my fault its all going to hell... 010804
uhmboy I was right. You are stupid. Leave me to my noodles you damnable glitter-child. 010907
kim for real 020114
ClairE Goddamnit, why do the words clutter up my mouth? Why do I have to try and be precise? I'm just going to shut up and look at your eyes.

phil I have no idea where you're coming from. 031211
Priscilla it's a shame. 040301
white_wave this might actually be a good time for me to shut down my computer for a while. i don't think i have friends here anymore. if someone had intended to scare me away. please know that you have succeeded. 040302
hyena and when did you have friends here? 040302
white wave stands up with that kind of attitude you won't have friends here either.

by the way, i no longer talk to you.
hyena working the jaws a bit ahahahahahahaha! the schoolyard drama of it! the snotty little accusation!
i don't come here for friends; that's what CHAT ROOMS are for, not to mention real_life. i come here to write.

why the hell do you come here? i have a few guesses, but you might be offended if i told you that you were a terribly insecure little girl (and yes i know your age) who wallows around here because there's sympathy and attention on tap for anyone who seems needy enough (and oh boy are you needy), regardless of their writing ability or efforts at creativity (and lack thereof).

but that stalking incident? i know it backs up my theory, but that was still more than a little psychotic, even in my eyes.

and you've done a terrible job at not talking to me; you might want to work harder. and since i am part of the blather audience, you'd best not blather anymore. no, no, i do truly jest, without you around who would i get my daily dose of fresh meat from? carry on. i'll be over here giggling. ("with that attitude"... hee hee hee heee...)
loz im am so incredibly bored even though i shouldnt be coz i got lots of work to be doing...but its boring....i was got told only boring ppl get bored.....i must bore ppl to death im that boring coz thats how bored i am.
know what i mean???
simulacra never what you expect 040822
once again Actaully...

Actaully is the difference between what you say reality is and what it really is.

Actually is the way i love you.
Actaully is the times when we got it right
Actually is the days when we were happy
Actaully is the way you need me
Actually is the way our world is

Actually is the difference between what you see and what I see.

Actaully is where we see the same thing.
tettet I saw the two of them printing photos of the band - I mean it was surreal LA experience 040916
once again ...and the truth is funny and painful. beautiful and raw. it's irony and butterflies and your blood under my nails. 041108
nikko actually you suck 070618
ergo Actually, I actually try to
actually reduce my actual use of the
actual word actually.
unhinged part of me refuses to feel bad for the choices someone else made, but if it's easier for you to be mad at me go right ahead. 090422
spoken actually i'm livid
i can understand that he's just not into poetry
but i went out on a limb to share something with him that i find true enjoyment in and the least he could do is pay attention
i pay attention to his drivel even when it bores me to tears i listen
i believe i have been subjected to his peanut story on so many occasions that if i hear about the damn peanut one more time i'm gonna kick him in the peanuts
ok that actually lightened my mood a little
mental imagery of kicking my husband in the peanuts
quite amusing and oddly calming
i think i'm over it now
i will just not share this with him again
and the next time he shares something with me that i hold little interest for i'll treat him to a view of my backside swaying as i'm walking away
unhinged ironically
i was recently thinking how i'm_over_it
me and you

because as my mother reminded me today, you are a taker. that's just the way you are and either i accept that or move on. but recently, i was thinking how this time i should move on. because it is tiring to care about people that don't care back and in the past six weeks i have had a serious kali influence in my life.

how many times do you expect me to accept your apology? for the same fucking thing no less? nobody_lets_go_when_they_should but since you didn't seem to notice, over the past several years i've been training myself to do just that.
what's it to you?
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