hashibosokarasu sins and defects and corruptions

maybe i was born this way
(errors in the messenger RNA, program defect)

maybe i became this thing sometime later (i came without a warranty, so it is a possibility)

or maybe none of it is really true and i have somehow become convinced that it is (re-programming)

it's funny

some days i don't know whether to hate myelf for it all or to revel in it as if being beneath contempt was actually some kind of achievement
nah....! i've got a lot of them, but so do you.

Steph*A*Knee Jaw's cousin with dentures. 021117
Valentine I am defective. You could return me, but there are no refunds. 021117
mystix are beautiful.. its what makes up a person, partly because noone is perfect. Some flaws can be scary though but others are just perfect. 040111
delial jewels strewn across a barren landscape 040111
Sleepy TK if their "perfect" then thay can't really be flaws then can they? 040111
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