ac from when i was born, i watch around the rooms. silence engulfs me. i have to tell myself to think. (think!) reading, listening one thing goes in one ear and out my mouth sometimes, but rarely ever. who am i and i don't really care...just to sit sit still in 000221
vega "Put me back in! Put me back in!" 000221
marjorie you'd think there'd be a lot more on the outside, but really... it is just really cold. 000310
vega Do we come into or out of this world ?

I'd like to think I came out of it
jerrm/WAR Yes, we come out of it, because we are all here. Because we are all HERE already, we can appear, and we can disappear. That's what NOW is.

i have to disappear now.
psychobabe i was born into this, everything turns to shit, the boy that you loved is the man that you fear 010503
kerry me, february 27th 011207
WingedSerpent to fuck things up, so it seems 011207
filzkugel rebirth? i don't know really. who is born again? all of us? is it fair? let me live... 021012
zeroinfinity into a life that begins not in the womb and ends not in the grave. 030405
River We all come here for our own different reasons, but who among us is to tell us what that reason is? Find it for yourself, that's one of the hardest tasks of life. 030923
americantune separated from the womb we create 040702
belle de jour I'm still getting the hang of the whole being alive thing. I am very poorly suited to it. 050817
Black Hunter I'm losing it I think my mind is in a fucking rage
Cause when I'm illin’ on the fifth floor with my middle stage
I can't contain the blood and every night I lay at rest
And slit my wrist because I had to have a blood test
I’m killing bitches fucked up niggas and you fucking hoes
I draw the first blood so consider me the Rambo (Rambo)
The new Jack is back to the city I’m packing them up to heaven
Killed 56 now I been thinking past you’re 57
I got my mind off in some filthy shit and dirty shit
My councilor tells my mother your son is a lunatic
I cut her throat and watch her squeal as her body burns
And look my mother in the face and tell herYour turn!” (Your turn)
I left the scene and there were two more bodies laying dead
We wantin’ Nitty there was all the fucking papers red
But that’s the joke cause this maniac is on the loose
And when I’m creeping all I’m thinking is my trippinjuice
Don’t take your lesson learn you mother fucking principals
I got no mind so you no friend is invincible
I think of no one else except my son in danger
That’s why three years ago I put my brain up on the shelf
Cause I’m so heartless and bound to run my own section
I look in mirrors and I come up with no damn reflection (Damn reflection)
I’m still hallucinating about them fucking murder scenes
Dropped in a straight jacket at the age of 18
I’m thinkingDamn will I ever get my mind back?”
But fuck you telling mea maniac’s a maniac
I tell my story but you hoes just don’t know who I am
A fucking menace and look for the black van damn (Van damn)
They get you mother fuckers screaming when you hit the paint
You ain’t from New Orleans so bitch don’t try and play a saint
Because I got your fucking mother hanging from a string
And if she gonna talkin’ shit she guts in sixteen
Cause I get violent I want silence when I’m in the room
Straight out the jecks, Frank Nitty's temple of the doom
I'm checking coffins cause this life a nigga's gonna give
And like I said empty a touch you more than deadly (Deadly)
You kill a bitch you kill a bitch and now I kill a bitch
Less time for ceremonies fuck that shit just dig the ditch
Because I told you hoes to never try and fuck with me
I'm running shit down in fucking 1983
'Cause when I'm gone off you niggas need to sod off
Some niggas gone away but most of them were hauled off
I'm pumping plastic so you no this niggas losin' it
But I say fuck you hoes and laugh because I'm losin' it
what's it to you?
who go