typhoid elbow room!
i need some elbow room!
make way, i come come (and you must leave!)
i'm powerless to my own might!
Lyle McMahon Some day, ill be famous.
Some day.

Sometime ill get around to being
To beeeng
To making that filter
That filters out water.

Someday you are going to spill
Rain, choke, strep throat
Eventually everything shuts down

We filter out the oxy gen.
We filter out the ire n.
We filter out the fil ters.
We filter out the oxy gen.

We filter out the water

If you drink that I swear your gonna die.
Turning on faucets
Turning off faucets
I think your glass has expired
In class.

I want you to know
Exactly why the flowers grow
Allergic reactions
Strep throat contraptions

You put it upon yourself.

tell me if you like my words.
Miffey "sex is violent."
--Ted, Just Admit It, Jane's Addiction
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