Am_oooo_oo_o the grey stains disappear
as luck would iceberg
chess club doesn't meet tonight
my world drips with cornoil
just wasting some time sometime
it looks
so pitiful
dried up and withering on the seashore
lying in the sand having fainted
i thinking about the thin king
it was flailing, cumbersome
trendy yet intoxicatingly odd
in the middle of the mirror
a billion scattered shattered bits
strewn haphazardly upon the dirt floor
i kicked clumps of it around
rearranging the floor
uncovering something
and the thing
that i saw
was me
it struck me - in the head
and i wondered how it did that, exactly
when i should have been thinking
about what i should do
to prevent it from happening again
as the wind encrusts my ears
like a harsh red blanket
AcuHymen filter this ****.

maccarthyism is still drifting in and out of the buldings of the fcc
sasha they obviously don't use a filter for their songs, cause they suck! 010704
djstar I can sound so insincere
A filter between my heart and mouth
Wisdom from such a young soul:
Create a past that you don’t have to hide from;
And I think I’ve done a good job thus far.
Intimacy with old lovers
Intimidating to others.
I believe in the dark angel
As I believe in the white.
I’ve been tar and feathered
Burned by candle wax
And its by no doubt
That I’ve grown stronger.
Who wouldn’t defend their life?
what's it to you?
who go