Am_oooo_oo_o skin crawls.

head recedes into shell.

hiding in my igloo.

i'll never come out.
revenge_donkey hills of sandpaper 010508
god TONYA 010508
dandy raking light makes pits of eyes

rougher than hush or hash or has

hard as har-har-har pirate

a whistler of an insult that everyone else in the room would just as rather stay the hell clear from cause it's really harsh
acidshank things are harsh.
my friend is harsh.
it hurts sometimes.
are my eyes just inhumane? have i just sold them for a dollar. i have. their forever bonded. contract. signed away
only my one eye. right i think
maxg a scornful word glances 050320
spoken pain seething deep bubbling to the surface scratched upon your soul a reminder to be kinder 090406
fairy probably a business that... a bit like this website! 111220
what's it to you?
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