nameless i want to stay HERE forever! 000116
skiblu I want you to stay but I can't tell you I want you to stay because that might influence your decision to go and I wouldn't want you to be unhappy or forced into a situation so I'll bite my lip and never let you know how much you going is going to tear me apart 000724
tit and now you found out you have to stay. you didnt get in. and i should be happy but... just because you are here does not mean you are with me. infact you staying might make it harder for you to be with me. staying might mean i will start to love you and when i love someone they leave. one way or another, sometimes without moving 010314
by e sad stat bolibotons 010407
sapphire_ what i never said to you because i didn't dare and because i knew you would go anyway.

how it hurt because opportunity doesn't fall on its knees before me everyday. so tell me what you missed

stay. what you would never need to tell me because my heart is already with you, but only in a corner, trying to look inconspicuous
CinnamonGirl stop with all those games
everyone's playing games with love I wish it wouldn't be like that
even I, I'm the queen of not showing people I like them
florescent light why should I?

so I can sit around
while you call me "difficult"?
so I can allow you to call me a bitch?

why should I?

you didn't notice
my purple shirt
matched my carefully applied
glittering eyes
for you

you didn't tell me I looked

you made sure you called me "difficult" though------you don't miss a beat

why should i?

"what's wrong? I know there's something wrong"
"I don't like the way your acting."
"well then you can just leave"

am I easy to boss around?
is that why you say
don't go
dB To leave would mean starting again somewhere else, and stop being you as you are now, that is to say; to die.
To stay, now that would be a death of an altogether more unpleasant nature.
Solstice I want you to stay, but no. I am afraid of what might happen if you do. Snuggling, getting closer and closer. . . Once you get too close there is no going back, and I am not ready yet. So I make you go. And I am afraid that you won't understand. But you do, you always understand. And that makes it harder. It makes me want to ask you to stay. But you know I can't. 011104
the one i dream of the day you'll just pull me into your arms. and hug me with your amazing arms and i can hold onto you and you'll stay. You dont need to go out of town with her. stay here, with me. stay here with me forever.
i see you in my mnd every moment of the day. Maybe because the sight of you is fresh from the nite before. Ive began going to your house, only because you might be there. I just want you to come home and stay next to me forever.
Forever isnt long enuf.
ClairE Lisa_Loeb.

Man, I wish I were twelve again.
ilovepatsajak maybe you're the one who won't go away 011213
ilovepatsajak grip marks on the heart 020102
cheryl brown - by Leonardos Bride

Stay another change of heart
Stay another memory
Stay another great expectation
Stay another late movie
Stay another

Stay another rush of blood
Stay another shooting star
Stay another revolution
Stay another falling czar

Stay another
Stay another
Stay with me
Stay another
Stay another
Stay with me

Stay another spin of the bottle
Stay another night of holding on
Stay another sweet inspiration
Stay another long love song

Stay another
Stay another
Stay with me
Stay another
Stay another
Stay with me
elimeny tear down the headlights
empty the ashtrays
sweep out the anyways
whats left of our time
well you can use my body
to do what you have to
but stay a little longer

stay with me...
atrium stay away from me
to show me that you want me
feeling safe
while i suffer
megan i haven't told you this because i haven't had to. you've stayed on your own. i dread the day, if there is one, that i will have to tell you, ask you, to stay. i'm afraid of your answer, and i'm afraid of the outcome, and i'm afraid that you won't. which will hurt so much. please stay on your own. 030114
Syrope i_need
three words stay _______more_than_anything mon 060124
Isaou You asked what was the point in you staying if I was so sure that we weren't going to last,

I had no answer to that
don't leave.
what's it to you?
who go