vicious vicious wants to be silent for a while 000110
nameless I can NEVER make up my mind it always takes me like an hour or so to decide, if I have to, sometimes I find a way to combine both. If not I usually end up making the wrong decision and I know it's not gonna help me learn and shit but I always tell others to make my decisions, even stuff like what should I eat I'm like "Hey mom what do I feel like eating right now?" 000417
minnesota_chris El Bandito
Cardboard Bogeyman
The Espresso Militia
Red Wine
Nice Hot Bath

Or maybe
The Evil Midnight Bomber, what Bombs at Midnight
sylvia plath i made a decision about doreen that night. i decided i would watch her and listen to what she said, but deep down i would have nothing at all to do with her. deep down, i would be loyal to betsy and her innocent friends. it was betsy i resembled at heart. 020911
*nat* my decision is to be in lapland.

he he, a random last word

I feel some of you will think im gonna overdose or summat now, so i shall c u in hell or purgatory
metamantrg decisions on our lives is what makes us stronger no matter what others my think
dicision are constant for this sould be
the only issues are ours for others dont understand PISS on them I realy dont care what they think for what I know is all that matters is whats in my heart mind and soul that ill share with you and only you
Glory Box one side says lunge one side says hold your heart in your two hands because it's still too small to fly alone.

and i reach the conclusion that this has no easy answer fuck.

and i am left to hash this all out on my own, between me and the ashtray and all the cigarettes we've been sharing lately.
stork daddy sometimes a decision smolders somewhere deep within you. and the results are delivered to you as if from the proverbial smoke filled room. the conscious part of you takes its orders like a childish george w from some whispering dick cheney or colin powell like they're the devil or angel on your shoulder and you wonder as you address the crowd with your hard earned "decision" if you're really who you present yourself to be. 040301
lizzy i know she loves him...
why would she marry him if she didn't love him?
but shes got these feelings for someone else....
and she's so convinced that the connection she shares with this guy is deeper and stronger than the connection with her husband...
she does naughty things with this new guy
and her husband just sits back and blames himself
and i love him...
i really do..
but i love her too
and i will support her no matter what she decides...
but marriage isn't supposed to be easy... right?
there is just such confusion.. such selfishness.. and not wanting to give up the new lustylovey feelings she has for him.. i want to say its wrong..... but i can't even blame her really... no one is perfect and ya can't help who ya fall for.. it just happens... but what if shes throwing away the best thing she's ever had? how does she know if its the right decision? what if she regrets it more than anything in the world? i don't want her to hurt.... i just want her to be happy...
Syrope There's little escape from her black hole of abulia.
--James Saynor, "Woman in the Midst of a Nervous Breakdown,"

abulia. now i know what i'm called.
Staind_And_Souless I made the decision to clean up my life. Why have you left it? When did you make that decision? I wanted to be good enough for you. now you're gone. 050102
trust tree one decision. i lost bigtime.

the trust
the respect
the admiration
my reputation
the undying love
everything that fucking mattered

from the person i cared about most in the world

i traded it all
for that one heartless decision
what's it to you?
who go