psyki i drove without stopping.
i watched with joy.
i muttered an obscenity.
i've been thinking about you.
i hung up the phone.
i grew three inches.
i won a thousand dollars.
i learned to love myself.
i had to chuckle.
Brad Not to mention... it's a great Stevie Wonder tune. 000312
BoofPixie lately i've been wondering why i'm in college at all. 000312
Brad Stevie Wondering, Molly? 000312
andrea my patience seems to be dwindling
down to nothing more than a few
bits that allow me to keep my
composure and hold in all I am
thinking and feeling right now

copyright 2000
harbinger LATELY...

...L ove is a figment of my imagination
A lways on my mind.
...T ears are my companion
E very drop my pain.
...L ove is my passion
Y ou are my obsession.

unhinged lately i've been spending too much time
with Hope
in my bed
staring off in class
trying to erase reality from
the part of the concious
that stores things when you aren't sober
lately i've been cursing you
wishing you would get the picture
stop fucking things up
why do people always have to be blind to the people that love them?
that sit there everyday a support to their weakness
i can't send the 'cool letter's
silentbob lately all i've been doing when i come to blather is playing word association. I'll go down the list of Everything that has been blathed in the last two days and when something pops in my head by looking at the titles, then i'll write something.

I usually don't find a lot.
ClairE I've been trying to make sense of it all.

I have a plan.
thehelper lately i was outside thinking about the light,
which ray, light or dark, do i come from and
a lady lately made a real fool out of me and whatever kind of light i came from,
so i says to myself, lately i've been looking how to take it all apart,
just so i can put it back together again.
notme i feel like i'm missing something 040523
Lint Lover I feel like my future is wide open if only you'd get here and rescue me 040523
! oh....

hurry up the boat is leaving !
no reason things are interesting and good 080324
no reason lonely 090504
Ungreat You only want me in the middle of the night.
You're silent when I need to hear your voice the most.
You share nothing but a bed with me.

I'm falling down the rabbit hole again.
Reality my inner warped delusions are no longer seperable.
My anxiety is palpable like a python in my chest.

You've grown farther, but boy, you should run. Take everything.

I'm toxic again, swear to God, I'm poisoning everything I touch.

For the love of God, run.
what's it to you?
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