someone who knows the way wood writhes in the rain, anything when left to the elements, especially when left to men with too much time on their hands, becomes warped, twisted, disfigured, mishapen, awry 000911
silentbob i went to warped tour in 1999
many of the bands_i've_seen were there.
less_than_jake among them.
silentbob Fuck
daanuh dammit, my record collection got warped. im so infuckingcredibly pissed off. 010105
puredream Fuck yeah.
Tomorrow the sun rises on a magnificent day unlike any other...

Warped Tour!!!

I'm so excited.

JdAwG Oh? The calgary_stampede is not the greatest outdoor show on earth. Oh no. Warped is. The 15th is hereby national Warped day...at least in Calgary. Boo yeah. I've got my ticket, where's yours? 040714
newme wheel 040715
Deomis A twisted soul
A warped mind
A bent dream
puredream Calgary 2004 Can ya tell why I'm so excited???? 3 and a half hours, woot!

Alkaline Trio
Another Damn Disappointment
Anti Flag
Army of Freshmen
Away From Here
Bad Religion
Bouncing Souls
Boys Night Out
Casualties, The
Code of the Cutz Stage
Coheed and Cambria
Crowned King
Days Like These
Don't Look Down
Dynamite Boy
Early Man
Early November, The
Erks, The
Faith Called Chaos, A
Flogging Molly
From First to Last
Fuck Ups, The
Go Betty Go
Hazen Street
Hidden in Plain View
IMA Robot
Jackson United
Left Alone (BBQ BAND)
Letter Kills
Mean Reds
Montys Fan Club
Motion City Soundtrack
My Chemical Romance
New Found Glory
Phenomenauts, The
Q, The
Red West, The
Revolution Smile, The
Rise Against
Rolling Blackouts, The
Senses Fail
Silence, The
Sounds, The
Spell Toronto
Story of the Year
Taking Back Sunday
Textbook Tragedy, A
Vandals, The
Victory Within
spoken warped understanding of another
oh how the tides do change
my heart once felt connected
but now is rearranged
simplicity overrated
i'd rather deeply feel
your mind is oh so jaded
and stung a new, i reel
like i've been struck a blow
to my mental imagery
i thought that you should know
that your boredom bothers me
why can we
not share this
my philosophys on life
your sigh deters my own bliss
sadly spoken from your wife
you don't see my words
or feel them

like when written i intended
my illusion to your interest
shattered, broken now and ended
i thought that you'd appreciate these thoughts i choose to share
but you'd rather remain ignorant
rebuff me, unaware
a lack of any feeling for poetic words of heart
a lack of appreciation for my soulful works of art
dear husband i resent that you are bored by my expression
and because i'm so offended
i'm exhibiting aggression
i shall not share my words with you for you have struck a chord
by listening with half a heart and showing signs your bored
i'll keep my musings to myself and blather family
for at least the people here
understand this part of me
hsg it_takes_practice 090423
f In fact



a IoneIy

pIace to go

when you




missing something that

isn't there.

I couId say its sIightIy

but I used to come here
I thought someone
was reading what I wrote

reaIIY not the case though
in a silent way if you're surprised people won't interact with you or sympathize with you here, "f", or "fuffle", or whoever you are, i suggest you meditate on your own disgusting and completely uncalled for words on the "rape" blathe.

maybe you should stop expecting to get something you're incapable of giving.
nr i saw that post under "rape" and i almost responded something like "whaaaaat the actual fuck" on it, but then i didn't because i tried to give the benefit of the doubt in thinking maybe, somehow, it wasn't meant the way it was said. but on second thought, pretty sure intent really doesn't matter here. 181022
Risen Agreed to both.

This is supposed to be a safe place
what's it to you?
who go