miniver Ring a jingle, gingle, chink,
emeralds drop from the bathroom sink,
with rubies leap on crystal floor
in diamond diametric chiming
sing overhead in blue a-jangle
through the walls of water angle
sapphires flying light formation,
Purling Gurgle Humdedip
into a dew to slowly drip,
circum-gravitating to their station
all about the opal door.
asteroid boy Aaaaahhhh! 000815
daxle cut your hand on the atmosphere 001224
walk in silence joy_division 001225
unhinged neptune by gustav holst

that is the biggest most complete musical work of atmosphere i have ever heard. all these notes splattered on a page in nonfunctional beauty that make you feel light years beyond yourself....this ladies and gentlemen is what it's all about. =)
mikey if i did a search i just search for neptune by that dude or dudette? 010311
unhinged search for The Planets by Gustav Holst

he wrote a whole suite of pieces for large orchestra and chorus. one for each of the planets except earth and pluto had not been discovered when he wrote it. neptune is the most atmospheric of them, but they all create an atmoshpere of being in space. you have to listen to the whole thing beginning to end. it's just the greatest. i'm performing it in two weeks. i can't wait.
god i had dinner at this place on the moon. great food but no... 011116
phil ba bang bing, sha. Mechanical clapping noises 020212
phil God, why are you so beautiful? 020212
jane in tomorrow i see no promise
and yesterday was like today
joy division walk
in silence
don't walk away
in silence
see the danger
--always danger
endless talking
life rebuidling

don't walk away

in silence
don't turn away
in silence
your confusion
my illusion
worn ike a mask of self-hate
confronts (itself)
and then dies

don't walk away

people like you
find it easy
naked to see
walking on air

hunted by the rivers
through the streets
every corner
abandoned too soon
set down with due care

don't walk away

in silence

don't walk away
jane in tomorrow i see no promise
and yesterday was like today

woke up, got up, near eleven o'clock
butt naked except i was wearing my socks
and that's cool, 'cause most the time this floor is cold
stand up and stretch look around this mess

my place has been a cage since she left me
make my way to the kitchen, start the coffee
then dip to the bathroom, begin the triple-s
and wash the previous evening off me

now out the shower, get dry, shove a q-tip in my ear
well, what do we have here?
it appears as if a piece of me has got motivation
ain't nothin' wrong with a little morning masturbation

fresh, dressed like fifty cents
clean and awake now i'm ready to commence
spark up the caffeine and nicotine binge
and that's pretty much the pattern of how the day begins

and i write for an hour, maybe half hour more
then put on my shoes and grab my key for the door
put my headphones on for this world i ignore
trek down the street towards the record store

"hey, bro - how you doing, anything new today?"
"nah man, how you been? it's the same old same again"
well, then i'll be gone, friend, i'll see you around
and i'm out, destination uptown

in the summertime the women wear a lot of skin
and if i sit in one spot i can take 'em all in
sometimes i even talk, to see if i can make one grin
if not, yo, it's cool i ain't gonna take it personally

from anne landers, to ani difranco to orphan annie
i love all women, but most of them just can't stand me
i don't know, maybe it's my hair or clothes
"...or maybe she noticed that you was diggin in your nose..."

either way it's okay, i wasn't tryin' to get laid
i just wanted to say "i hope you have a great day"
and then she stopped with a smile that began to blush
"here, take my number, call me up, i'll come over and make you lunch"

i got up and headed down towards the book store
to check the titles, that my man michael's got me lookin' for
my visit was short, 'cause i just couldn't feel
that cat behind the counter actin' like i'm here to steal

so i dipped back out into a cloud of tattoos
pierced body parts and colorful hairdos
and i questioned,
did babylon resemble this?
are we getting any closer to the end of the list?

a sensuous kiss, placed on apoca-lips
we teach them how to make a fist, but not to resist
and i'm wondering how'd we find this position
but people are people and i still love 'em, especially the women

onwards to the coffee shop, maybe muddies for a refill and some
sociological studies
see the junkies, while they co-exist with the sobers
all the bugging of eyeballs, the shrugging of shoulders

and that's when i saw her, sippin' on water
i wanna kiss her mom just for having this daughter
excuse me miss, i don't mean to come across strong
but i've been waitin' a while and you've been taking too long

and she smiled and i began to blush
she asked if i'd like to go to the bathroom and make some love
and i got visions of us, and the mirror getting steamed
and that's the very moment i woke up from the dream

woke up, got up, near eleven o'clock
butt naked except i was wearing my socks
and that's cool, 'cause most the time this floor is cold
stand up and stretch and look for my soul

in tomorrow i see no promise
and yesterday was like today

atmosphere - like_today
idnetificationless how many times must you prove you're an angle, how many more demons do you have to strangle how much longer must we remain in this game before i finally figure out if your insane...or a genius. Hometown boys... what up minneapolis!!! 031112
stashboxs girl To all my killers and my hundred dollar billers…
To emo kids that got too many feelings

He held the register open while he counted her change
I was next in line which meant I was invisible
From where I stood I could see that the till was full
He didn’t look the type to play superhero
So I stepped forth and paid for my cigarettes
Crept out the stores front door to chase a little breath
Bangles in my head, shake the song off
Another manic Monday night, its gonna be a long walk
A car pulled up, a fixed up cutlass
A woman and a child climbed out and left it running
They went inside of the deli, placed an order
With the extra dollar fifty bottled water cuz the daughters picky
When they came out mommy gave me a glance
That said man can love an angel but he’s got to take the chance
Already knew the deal, I lit one up and walk
So they got back in the oldsmobile, belted up, and took off
Thug love on the corner by the walgreens
Lookin at me like I’m just another square saltine
As I get closer I notice that they showin each other sketches
Out of their notebooks, reminded me of my old roots
I walk pass with a nod and a reminisce
Swear to god hip hop and comic books was my genesis
Respect the life and the fashions of the children
It’s the only culture I’ve got, exactly what we’ve been buildin
All of a sudden I’m in front of some man
No he’s a youngin but he’s got a gun in his hand
He looks fifteen, he looks frantic, no he looks afraid
Immediately apprehensive til I heard him say
Do you want this It’s not mine I promise
I found it on my block in between a couple garages
Didn’t wanna leave it for a child to stumble over
I don’t even know how to hold it.”
It was a thirty eight, the poor mans machete
Held it in my hand, thinking damn man it’s heavier then expected,
wedged it behind my belt buckle
knowin that its evil, even thought that I could smell trouble
the extra strength felt weak,
but over there on the corner saw what I needed and proceeded to cross the street
put the heat in the mail box to loose it
figured that the post office knows whats best to do with it
Mosey down the road thinkin’ bout the old
I use to roam this zone with two feet of snow
Right here, this use to be a record shop
I’ve gotten love, I’ve gotten drunk, I’ve gotten beat up in that parking lot
I’ve had my lake street pride for three decades
These alleyways, and these streetlights have seen my best days
Before I was a germ learnin how to misbehave,
All the way to the grave, south side is my resting place
Took a right on Lindale I’m getting near
But then the road became empty and the people disappear’d
The clowds ran away, opened up the sky
And one by one I watched every constellation die
And there I was frozen, standin in my backyard
Face to face, eye to eye, starin at the last star
I should’ve known, walked all the way home
To find that she wasn’t here, I’m still all alone

No matter where I am, no matter what I do
I’m always coming back home to you

They can leave me for dead they can take away my true
I’m always coming back home to you

Through the lies and the sins that ride the wind that blew
I’m always coming back home to you

As sure as the life in the garden that you grew
I’m always coming back home to you

No matter where I am, no matter what I do
I’m always coming back home to you

If only I had known what you already knew
I’m always coming back home to you

From the heaven I’ve had to the hell I been through
I’m always coming back home to you

I’m always coming back home to you

I am simply in love with the lyrics that this man amazes me....
unhinged i wanna be bigger than jesus
bigger than wrestling
bigger than the beatles
bigger than breast implants
i'm going to be the biggest thing to hit these little kids
bigger than guns
bigger than cigarettes
i ain't drank 40s since i become old enough to drink
not caught up in what the fuck these people think
cause when i die they are gonna find the missing link
but tonight i'm gonna vomit in the kitchen sink
bigger than guns
bigger than cigarettes
you better find a way
you better do it soon
it's like the middle of may
and you only got til june
if i'm forced to watch you
touch the torch to that spoon
even one more time
i swear to god i'm gonna implode
i wear my scars like the rings on a pimp
i live life like the captain of a sinking ship
i was paying dues for a decade plus
before that i was just another face on the bus
tapping my foot to the beat on the radio
dreaming about the money and the mike and ladies oh
mom i promise i'm gonna be large
someday i'm gonna stop trying to borrow your car
til i go far with charisma and skill
til they put my face on a million dollar bill
atmosphere is just a ten letter word
discretion is the name of my cement feathered bird
if you didn't hear
then fuck what others heard
i think you got the sickness
i suggest you get it cured
it's not that i don't like you
i just don't want to speak
you fucking freak
now keep your days out my week
embrace how i live cause god loves ugly
now i'm standing at the bottom of the steps
if i tilt my head a little
i can look up her dress
and i'm willing to bet
that she'd move if she knew
so i'm gonna tap her on the shoulder
i'm gonna give her a clue

damn, my fingers can't keep up with the dude. but his rap is heavy. real heavy. fuck people that think it's all sunshine in the midwest. things are falling apart around here.
unhinged birthday present to myself: atmosphere tickets at the riverside in milwaukee 080901
unhinged seven's_travels

in the days of kings and queens
i was a jester
treat me like a god
oh they treat me like a leper

i'm trying to find a balance
i'm trying to build a balance
unhinged the keys to life vs 15 minutes of fame

see also the_abusing_of_the_rib 100921
. What's_the_'Point'?

It's more than 1000_'full_sized_commemorative_coffins',with Zero_Margin_of_Error...
. 101012
Yo its the verbal assult weapon with words uncanny . 101012
unhinged finally, years later i got my ass some tickets

well worth the wait
the hours flashed by like seconds


a couple i didn't know
maybe a couple i can't remember

so much love
i gotta a little choked up
what's it to you?
who go