Quintessensual Eleven is not seven or sixty-nine, ten sevens less one and a number rich for the imagination. Yet eleven like seven is prime. Some believe that seven eleven represents heaven, or at least luck enough to win the lottery. Eleven hundred needs mention too, for that is blather history right now. 990929
biddy baloney one, two, free, four, five, six, seben, eight, nine, ten, and eleben.

how many cakes do you see?
could ya come here and count them with me?

1234567, 8910 and 11!

now do all the tastes for me...

there's strawberry, blueberry, boysenberry and gooseberry, there's raspberry, cherry cherry, blackberry, and loganberry, and one is chocalate, that's for me.
neville At the annual school carnival,
Eugene noticed that he would always win
the cheap wheel-of-fortune rip-off game
if he played no.11.
No one else won on no. 11. Just him.
He would usually stop after two or three wins, but this year he decided to clean out the school. He had won three stuffed animals, five plastic flip-frogs,
and two of those trick ketchup bottles.
before he could win one of those trick mustard bottles, he was dragged into the school storage room by two men in black suits and sunglasses. At first he thought that maybe they were government agents and that maybe he should have listened to his older sister's weirdo X-Files conspiracy theories, but then he realized that they were, infact, the school principal and janitor. They killed him anyway and sealed his body in the wall. No one ever won on no. 11 again.
The end.
DannyH Beat you to it 010511
Miner She leaves the pie and always always eats her greens. 010511
ClairE The day I tried to live.

Tits and blood, but no boys yet.

My brother was five.
Lee moving me with a sound, opening me with a gesture,

hold your light, eleven guides me through each gentle step, by step by inch by loaded memory.

take my hand we're headed home
Dafremen Would you say, Lee, that it could be seen as a wake up call? A beacon?

karrie eleventy seven went to heaven and was beleven to have been sent to develin who in turn chose to burn with the devil running after 050121
what's it to you?
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