dallas something you play on somebody to show them that you care. 980901
oodles Those fifteen year old girls who wear too much make-up, cheat on all their boyfriends, and threatens to "beat the shit" out of the girl who called her a slut. "Trick-ass bitch!" 000203
birdmad parlor majick sleight of hand 010126
Juve that trick has no idea of what she just said about blather, i mean c'mon she'd blind for your sake. As well as she seems, she is scayce and very un-prudential in ways i'd never think she'd be. 011007
Casey I tried to play a trick on my friend last night. He and some people were drinking, and I tried to get the other people to tell me friend that he had kissed a really ugly guy during the night.

However, this trick kinda backfired. The other people who I wanted to be playing the trick now really believe that my friend made out with this ugly guy.
myriadmoods what I used to call the men who paid me for sex ,a trick.

can't really say I got more than money
but a sick, kick.
RedDragon too bad, so sad.
He told me he loved the tasted of your kisses Scotttty. No, no, he wanted me to point out that you're such a beautiful boy. Kissy, kissy, go give Chrissssssy another french kissy.

You pretty old boy you.
Fierce Behind the unlifted lid
Lies one for you
To set you under curses, sweet spells
That slither roaches down your spine
And hiss at those
Who fear the taste of blood
By their own kin
Who fear mortality itself
Which is, the real trick.
what's it to you?
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