Q C'mon. Canada's an okay place. The people that live there that I know are all very nice and almost all of them are smart. I once had a girlfriend in Whitehorse; she always complained about being frigid and there was nothing I could do to help her, as hard as I tried. She was sweet and very smart. A chemistry professor of mine, who happened to also be a friend, moved to Alberta. The Canadian Supreme Court decided last year that homosexuals in committed, long-term relationships must be afforded all rights under the law that married people are; now the provinces are enacting domestic partnership systems to put the Court's decision into effect. Canada has had universal health care for over 30 years. There's places in Canada where you can see the aurora borealis nearly every night without cloud cover. Most of the Alaska Highway is in Canada. The story of Ann of Green Gables occurred on Prince Edward Island. I know a great poetess who lives in Toronto. Molly Peacock's husband is from Canada. C'mon, Canada and Canadians are okay! 000212
lotusflower let's play games! 000213
ClairE Let's go.

Let's go, Matt!

MATTHEW DOUGLASS. Get in the car!

Man, it's great to be home.
kerry canada rocks.

"sweet home, canada...."
[had to substitute a word!]

except i don't live there. too cold for me. it's a great place to visit, though.

let's all go out and make snow angels.
Mo c'mon now, hey 021120
p2 c'mon
ya can't forget those
great canadian imports
like alex trebek
and alan thicke
what's it to you?
who go