me? the aurora of the ages
ain't afraid of sages

don't fear.
crimson weeds appear.
white kettle of the sky.
zippy Is a cool name for a dragon 000106
Shar is a strange town in Illinois where Wayne's World is supposedly filmed.

However, contrary to popular belief, there is no Stan Mikita's Doughnuts in Aurora.
camille aurora borealis

earth gives off breath and where Sun finds a stage on which to dance upon
Sleeping Beauty .. A princess, who pricked her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel, and then she fell asleep.

She was saved by the dragon slaying prince, whom she knew "once upon a dream."
bijou fuck you aurora you took my only friend; you won't catch me be hind the wheel of a chrysler ever again. 010818
Aimee "You're gonna love aurora, del"
"Well that's great, but who's aurora?"
shino the aurora of ages wrapped her soul, her soul of glass and lavendar oil, the glass that broke suddenly, explosively, and with a high bright song that resonates up and out and through and between her legs no that wasn't song wasn't beautiful at all was only ugly, ugly, ugly and hard it was like the floor on which she fell.

(true blather, started as one thing and metamorphed)
girl_jane The place to where Jen has's near Denver. 030430
emily i love this word... 040213
what's it to you?
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