sarah my name means princess
in hebrew.
is that rad or what?
heidi what I'll be when I marry prince William. No, I'm not 15. Just very statuatory. You must admit, that's one hot little limey! Yum! 981116
emma eh. there've been hotter limeys. 981117
Rainer Krauss the only chatter on my notify-list 990205
v i know a princess named lou. 991203
andrew shar is a princess. she gets what she wants. 000122
BoofPixie last year i wore tiara almost every day to keep my hair back. now i've chopped all my hair off and wear sparkles on my face. 000126
dean-bean I know a princess. She has dark hair and dark eyes and
BoofPixie she appreciates it. and the walrus does too! 000313
birdmad ...and even if you kiss me, i'll probably still be a toad 000502
princess alikat princesses are more than glittery chicks with wings and sparkly wands..
they have crowns of gold, sometimes silver, and live in pretty pink castles where everyone speaks Princess and Princes are no where to be found due to the fact that they're mentally evil and think with the wrong head on more than one occasion.
claw I thought she was my princess... then I guess she woke up 000826
Red Indian 69 Peter Pan Prefers icle faireys 010518
sailor could be mine or shared with everybody ? 010727
sic losers... 010824
RAH my name means princess pretty cool

but i mean could you want to be a princess, but i like being called princess
lilac_air her soft hair like silk her dreams like a warm bath of blue 020131
lilac_air Water surrounding you taking you all in with her glistening vision of beauty 020131
Encased in Ivory ...a shiny neck...
...a glittery hand...
meeshna thats what he called me before it all. i think i liked it. maybe because it was such a joke. 020515
? @#$^&**()&*(%^&!@#@#$?:"_|**(^&%%$^#@!~~~*()&%^$+? 020717
~gez~ i know a princess. and think this would be a quite nice name, though i think i might stick to nat. it is more... practical 020903
Novice One of my best friends is an African Princess, for the country of Kenya. Now shes obessed with trying to find my dad to see if I'm a nigerian Princess. Cuz she says, then in church "well be the two actually african-americans and princesses" 030523
marjorie there's a princess sitting in the road
now the police turn the traffic away
to the left and to the right
her skirts are fluffed out beside her
and her tiara is falling off
she doesn't want to leave the hot blacktop.
she doesn't want to go back home.
silly princess.
where would you go?
pipedream girl of royal
your composure born
of generations of
uphold the family
remember who you are
you are not just
not just anyone
ursula i am a princess and only a prince can take that away from me.... 040212
pipers no, you'd still be a princess.

princess angel i miss
z dahling 040923
love & hate my katie, my princess. 040924
z i did not make the z entry on this page 040929
Syrope i don't think you know exactly what you saved me from. last time i got one of those messages i really considered it. without you, i don't love myself.

you make me feel so worthwhile.
otterpup reads tea leaves and sits on peas
while she dreams

and i dream of her in her tower with her hair
and her pinafore
and her story tale
her fantasy

where pastel colours sail by her window and she watches her life slip between her hands
and she can't join in

but when she's gone her myth exists
and you wonder
is that really a life? or was she always a myth, even when she breathed?
somebody bride 050402
rage icicle pixie, gaurdian of the snow garden 050510
Emmy I'm a princess who won't stop dreaming
'Cause the real world starts me screaming
And I"m so Afraid of the dark that I think I'll stay a frog.
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