shiva i prefer them long. that nice wraparound kind made of delicate tan fabric that cascades from her waist to her ankles in just the right way. 010128
Tank i bought one of these on friday. it was a very big step for me. i wore it out friday night to hear king spin. i got a lot of attention i must say. skirt tank is now a welcome addition to the realm of sweatpant tank! 010128
birdmad oh god,

when she wears the long ones slit to the knee

alluring as a villainess in a Chinese dress in a black and white movie

life's a one-take movie
silentbob when she was in my class we sat at different tables in a class we shared. she sometimes wore these skirts that didn't cover her knees. So when she sat down they'd sail up her legs and i could see everything. i would find myself staring and wouldn't care, staring in that one spot, and is she stood up to get a kleen-x or sharpen a pencil, i'd be sure to stare at that spot so she couldn't tell i was looking. i sometimes wonder if she knew. that would suggest something very strange, considering the first time she propped her feet up on one of the handles under the table and spread her legs real wide.

She always wore underwear.
Toxic_Kisses My favorite skirt would have to be the wrap around pleated black and red plaid mini I have, It works well for when I'm going for the naughty school girl look w/ pig tails and a half shirt that says "Fragile Handle w/ Care" over the chest and my black knee high boots and black hose. Gwad I love that skirt. 011011
Alexander Beetle High, low. Make up your fucking mind! You're driving us men insane!

No, that's unfair. There are plenty of women being bugged by this, too, I'm sure. Gotta keep diverse, lest the goblins be ordered to devour a body part or two.
. : * p s y b o r g * : . I probably have almost as many skirts as pants. I don't wear them very much anymore, though. Most of them are long, a few are knee length. 011029
anti-social butterfly i used to wear them long, and then i decided it would be fun to wear short skirts. big mistake. does wearing a short skirt automatically tell a guy that you will sleep with him? when they try to sleep with me and i am wearing a short skirt, does that mean that i deserved it? does that mean that it is my fault? that if i wear the skirt, he is entitled to have sex with me? i think i am going to wear pants for a couple of weeks. this makes me soooo angry. but i just don't feel safe with skirts for now. stupid boys! 011030
ClairE All_of_a_sudden I've become a short_skirt girl, according to Lisa, anyway.

In the summer it works, in the winter skirt plus tights can be warmer than jeans.

I love skirts.

I have nice legs, it's been said.
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