auto cross reference system Like a non-smoking lounge as compared to a roommate's room.

See non_smoking_lounge.
Strideo its warmer on the sunny side

its warmer by the fire

its warmer wraped up in my blanket,
but i can't move

its warmer here next to you

its warmer inside

its warmer when we share

its warmer near the stove

but lets go do something else

dan warmer as soon as his voice print enters the air
ahead of his foot print, some gutfire flares,

a log rolled over under the grate of heart

and yes, even that log, the colon twists
and folds a brick and fucketty fuck fuck

I'm so not over him yet. we make talk
smaller, into origami so small it would cause
a sensation into Japan for cuteness

but don't touch me or I'll shake
and I'll have to quit pretending that nobody knows because someone will smirk at how fawn-eyed I go when even a name shared by you is invoked.

and let's pretend I'm precocious and that this is a hot flash. never mind my gender and age. there's some explanation but this damnable state of unrelenting smittenness.
what's it to you?
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