Quintessensual Something in me feels
the voice of your fingertips
to be deeper than all seas.

Copr. 1999
marjorie I am listening for the voice of the ocean when the icy rain is caught in it, raging, twisting, washing away, wishing to be free 000214
andrea i stopped tonight
while telling a story
to a friend
and listened to the sound
of my voice
it's hard to believe
that at one time
it cried over a tumble
from atop a bike secured
by training wheels
that it's the same one that
asked about the birds & bees
that it previously has been
used to spout obscenities
not meant, but still said
and that it is the very
same one that now sounds
so foreign to me

copyright 2000
oodles That beautiful southern drawal that makes me feel as though there is no way life could possibly be better than it already is. It puts everything in perspective and lets me know that the world truly is a wonderful place to be. Nothing makes me happier than that beautiful voice. 000419
grendel mine changes constantly

in accents
in modulation and inflection

most of the time i dont even know i'm doing it.
Raina the personification of thoughts and feelings. A divine echo.
vibes and Vibrations.
ryanthered My voice. I have listened for years to it's difrent tones. I have screamed untill i'm raw. Still no one hears me? 001027
marissa i dont know mine anymore. 010126
chanaka how can a voice show so much about a person?
why does it connect us so?
deb can i borrow yours
for a moment?
i'd whisper things
i know you would say

maybe then i could feel
like you were closer
Shugarhi I hear your voice from across the room and it makes me weak...yet, I would not dare raise mine to flirt with yours in my strange attempts of love 010515
Weed Eater Begin transmission
Digital speech
binary vibrations that echo relentlessly
even the deaf can hear me now.

I have quietly waited and watched
crouching and whispering
muttering breathlessly...

Now witness the amplification of
as I step inward from the sidelines.
mistaken gwens voice is traveling through wires and into my ears...
my voice. i sound like a little kid. My voice is too little-girlish. ah well. Whatshisface sounds like chester from sifl and olly sometimes. it would be funny if I wasn't in such a bad mood at the moment.
silentbobfuckyou just the thought of your voice in my ear, your breath on my neck, your hand on my arm, your foot in my leg, you name in my mind, its breaking my fucking existance and making me wish i had no senses 010711
Casey Mine is like aretha fraklin, so, not really, but i can dream 010711
freakizh i remember how special you were
so different
so unique
so special

until i heard your voice
and useless blathering

and i heard you were like them.
kerry hers only sounds ok when it's trying to be heard over the sound of a guitar. 011207
ever dumbening From NPR News in Washington, I'm Ann Taylor. 020102
ClairE "He speaks so quietly, he sounds like he's drawling."

It's just like your eyes.
optic discretion No matter how I may scream or yell, I have no voice. If I did, why does no one listen to me? 020127
Annie111 I got you babe.
I'm reminded everytime i hear you.
I got you babe.
That's all I need to know.
phil I like your writing Andrea 020515
Freak Sometimes I hear my voice as other people hear it instead of how it usually sounds to me. 020822
Anna_Began It wasn't until they started becoming so important in my ears.. in my soul, that I realized that I hated yours. 030201
ferret a whisper in my ear, i feel the darknes coming, please, i reach out to you hoping for help but you shun me with your voice cold and unforgiving, a dark presence in the room, trying to capture the emotion in words but feeling empty as i write them, losing words to write, you're voice has stolen them all, you have stolen all my originality. V O I C E 030202
User24 everyone on blather has a voice in my head, some are just my mind's voice, but some of you talk quite differently. 030620
pobodys nerfect User 24--shhh! You're not supposed to admit when you hear the voices! ;D
Since you brought it up though,I'm curious to know what I sound like.
User24 ah, now, you're slightly misinterpreting me;

I don't look to see who blathed it and then read it in 'your' voice.

So 'your' voice may change from one blathe to the next - the things that change the voice are stuff like stoopid spellinz - punctutaion, (brackets) and so forth (also little quirks of speech, eg 'and so forth')

So, 'your' voice in that blathe just then was quite like my own, but with a little more emphasis on the first 2 sentances, and a lighter tone shift on the last one, probally intentionally used to lighten the mood of the blathe to make it evident that you didn't -really- think I heard voices...

Of course, none of that actually helps you, as you have no idea (afaik) what my voice sounds like!
End Is Forever the only voice I want to hear is yours 030627
eyedream I sometimes hear whispering but it might just be paper rustling, or maybe it isn't the paper rustling, or maybe the rustling IS the paper's whispering.

contemplates the oranges
endless desire i will find mine
and it will say just what i want it to.
and it will be beautiful.
and if i am lucky, someone may listen.
i hope so, at least.
nonentity i got words like a frequency that doesn't resonate where she can receive.
that's a message i get loudly and with some clarity.
break down these antennas and pawn the scopes.
pack up the transmitter.
turn off the mic.

dead_air silences
and static

no reason it's leaving me.

my throat hurts, and i sound like a man.
kermits_perfect_rainbow_/^\ i've got a big bad beautiful voice
but only in my room
i could sing all day long
never a single note is wrong

i've got a big bad beautiful voice
but only when im alone
as soon as someone else comes by
i look down
i become shy
i've got a big bad beautiful voice
but only in my room
Lint Lover Don't waste your time on me
You're already a voice in side my head

When I hear him speak, my whole body relaxes
seeker your voice intices me
it captivates me
and I long to hear it
it is a comfort to my sorry soul
it is a savior to my brokeness
it is what i dream of
and crave
even though I know
It will only hurt me in the end
tr no one has your voice, that's why it is yours... 041215
lovelark I
pubescent you have a voice, please tell me, ill listen, maybe i wont understand, but ill listen, i will hear, u dont have to if u dont want to, but know im scared and worried, but ill listen 050523
pubescent you have a voice, please tell me, ill listen, maybe i wont understand, but ill listen, i will hear, u dont have to if u dont want to, but know im scared and worried, but ill listen 050523
shives ill talk 050523
shivers fuck 050523
pete i don't know how your voice makes a good day better, but i like it. 050628
three words voice she_says_she's_tired_of_this stupidity 051008
. .. 090623
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