Aimee O = Olly, C = Chester

O: Okay we're gonna read letters to Chester. Okay dude, your first letter today is from Beth Phillips
and it says, "I like this guy at school but he doesn't know I exist. How can I get his attention without
seeming like a pushover?"
C: Okay Bethy Robby... it's good, don't push him. If you push him he'll cut his lip and there's blood
all over the floor of the school and get in the class...
O: Not pushing him over, dude. It's like she wants to get his attention without seeming like a pushover
like seeming too easy.
C: Easy like Sunday morning...
O: No dude, what would you do to get someone's attention if you liked them?
C: I'd write them a note like, "Hey honeynose, what's up with the button cracks? Let me lick the
cotton candy off your face and the little cracks behind your ears. Slurpee time!"
O: You would just give someone a note, that's all?
C: I guess. Either that or just fill up their locker with chocolate pudding.
O: Thanks Chester.
C: Okay, bye!
Aimee O: Okay, we're here with Chester, we're gonna talk to him. Hey, dude.
C: Hey.
O: Hey, have you ever seen a naked girl before?
C: Who?
O: Have you ever seen a naked girl?
C: Yeah, I saw one...
O: You did?
C: Yeah.
O: Wow, Chester... What was that like for you?
C: It was like bumpy. They kinda got weird shoulders, you know.
O: Yeah... Where'd you see a naked lady at?
C: The mall.
O: There was a naked lady at the mall?!
C: Yeah... She was shy.
O: I wouldn't call a naked lady at the mall shy.
C: No, cause I tried puttin the moves on her and she didn't hear me say anything. Left her
O: What?
C: Then some stupid lady came over and tried to put clothes on her.
O: Dude, you were talking to a mannequin!
C: What?
O: Did she stand really still while you were talking to her?
C: Yeah. She couldn't take her eyes off me.
O: That's a mannequin, don't do that. People can't be seeing you talking to mannequins, dude.
You're a publi figure, don't do that anymore.
C: What's a mannequin again?
O: It's a thing that models clothes...
C: See, I thought she was a model! And I asked her but she didn't say anything to me.
O: Dude, just forget it. See ya Chester.
mikey :::stalking aimee::: OOPS damn i think i was seen i must scurry away quick...maybe i could..yes yes i'll pretend i was simply blathering randomly.

um. the weather?

i had to. my mind made me do it.
Aimee Thank you mikey.... you're not bothering me though... remember you can't stalk the willing 010310
mikey well what would i call it then? chasing?

::evil grin:: (ie EG)
Aimee chasing works... :) 010310
mikey i hope so =o) 010310
precious roy says BUY MY HOOKERS's like all green and the temptation rock, hoo!...hah! the rain-bath of love...

SIFL: uhh, chester, what the hell is a modern lover anyway?
OLLY: yeah.

CHESTER: It's like Don Juan (---)ing girls.

S & O (in unison): laughing

SIFL: Thanks Chester

CHESTER: I'm alright
Aimee O: Hey Chester.
C: Hey.
O: You consider yourself a fabulous lover, don't you?
C: Yeah, of sorts. I'm kind of thunder in the cover.
O: What do you do to get a woman in the mood?
C: I dunno, take off my clothes?
O: What's a good way of getting a girl in the mood on the first date? Like if you don't know here too
well, how do you get her to like you?
C: I dunno, take off my clothes? Some people say I'm like you know bacon in the morning.
O: What?
C: I dunno... cracklin'!
Aimee Folks, If you're like me, you spend many a cold lonely night, standing on the corner, turning tricks. Your legs are freezing from that short skirt, and you're just not getting any business. Now, we all know how lonely it can be, being a prostitute. I mean, we've all been there right? Remember last night you were telling me about that weird hotel and that thing with the dude? Anyway! It's a hard job and with some pimps today it's seemingly getting harder. If only there was some kind of little helper to keep me company, and help me drum up some business, maybe. But these days? Who can you trust? The Job's old, but the Answer's older folks. It's Monkeys! I trust my life to a monkey every day. You wanna know why? Cause in this little hooker, there's a monkey heart beating inside his chest, that's why! And it saved my life! 010311
yummychuckle i heart chester. He's my hero.

my friend dillon sounds a lot like chester.

it makes me giggle.
florescent light Chester is the 213th most popular male first name in the US. 010605
mindy this one's for you

Johnny Lang reminds me of
the time we were on the phone
and how the hours are never long enough
and i wonder what you're thinking
but don't tell me
i like a mystery
i can't wait until i'm sick
that sounds bad
but remember- i say things
that sound bad
and remember- we're optomistic
and i'm going to call you this summer
and we'll go camping
and say-
and there'll be a million
cause i can't wait
for all the laughs
and the HUGS
unless you forget
but if you do,
i heart you anyway
sabbie there was a guy at school and they always chanted at him "chester, chester, child molester"

and he left, scarred and horribly mutated from hate.

im sure theres a lesson in there, somewhere for someone.
somniac the nobility of his name is ironic, and only adds to his unbearable cuteness. 041002
god i remember this guy. he looked like this guy i used to do some work for over there, by the mall w/ the naked lady where i left you that time. his name? chester drawers. no shit. 041003
somniac oh no

oh no please
what's it to you?
who go